Fixed Difficulty Ratings

So, I noticed that a lot of EE villains have weird ratings. Same with heroes and environments. So, I made this. These ratings are purely from my own experience. So:
Baron Blade: 1.5
MBB: 1
Omnitron: 1.5
Cosmitron: 3
GWV: 2.5
Dawn: 3.5
Ambuscade: 1
Plague Rat: 2
Spite: 3
Agent of Gloom Spite: 4
Chairman: 4
Matriarch: 3.5 to 4
V5 Blade: 4
Fright Train: 1.5
Ermine: 2
Friction: 2.5
Proletariat: 3
The Operative: 1
Team Miss Information: 2
Team Plague Rat: 3.5
Bugbear: 2.5
Team La Capitan: 2
Greazer: 1.5
Sgt. Steel: 2
Biomancer: 3
Hammer and Anvil: 3
Team Ambuscade: 2

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Like I said, difficulty, just in general, is subjective. Yeah, Elden Ring is objectively more difficult then Kirby’s Adventure, but Dark Souls is not objectively tougher than Elden Ring.

Also, what’s with the McDonald’s link?

That was a bot.

The only one of these that sticks out to me is Plague Rat. I feel like he oftentimes helps me way more than any of the Villains.

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I think I just struggle with him because I kill all the handlers, which superbuffs his attack, and the thing is, I usually fight him with low DR heroes.

Team Plague Rat is easily manipulated IMO. I take out the Neutralizers & Restrainers so he’s only dealing 1 to everybody. I rarely use Visionary, but seems like Twist the Ether could really shine here. His incap is almost always helpful, too.

I agree Blade is pretty bad, what with boost villain damage, play extra villain cards, and Impulsion Beam (my second most hated card from Vengeance).

Worst Vengeance card though is Glamour. That puts Slaughterhouse Six Ambuscade higher on my list as you’re always going to have to deal with her.

I think Bugbear should go higher cause if you don’t have a damage/healing prevention you’re gonna have a rough time.

Biomancer is also a jerk to get past his initial damage reduction and that of the Homunculi.

So yeah, all annoying in different ways. I somehow usually end up leaving Blade for last though. Unless the Operative is out cause I don’t want her incap jacking up my healing.

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Yeah, I definitely think that individual results may vary. I would consider Plague Rat a 1.5 on this scale, and Hammer and Anvil at 2, maybe 2.5, but I find that Sgt. Steel is the worst opponent to face, with Biomancer a close second. I also find that Glamour is the distinction over whether Ambuscade will be a pushover or a nightmare; if you have one hero who can plink her seven times for 1 damage each she’ll go down like a sack of wet cement (or if she’s up against other villains or really aggressive environments that hit everyone, like Plague Rat or the Arsonist.)

The thing with Glamour, at least in the app, is that if Ambuscade goes down last, you don’t have to fight the rest of the Slaughterhouse Six.

Yeah, maybe I should be leaving him for last. What’s the worst though is starting with Glamour (and Re-Volt) cause then you’re forced to take her out before your team gets wiped.

I probably also agree with the other point about Steel being the worst cause he can ramp up very quickly with multiple agents and deal a boatload of damage.

i struggled in advanced mode with Bastion in play, but glamour is indeed the worst vengeance card

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