Freedom Academy Roll call

Just figured we could make a list of all the original heroes from the letters page and home tables of students at Freedom Academy.

Sentinels of Freedom, Legacy, Wraith and Time Slinger are all books about people that teach at the Academy.
Daybreak is about students,
Mystery Comics, Cosmic Tales, Tome of the Bizarre, and Justice comics are all anthology and team up books that could show the school.
What comic is your student character seen in?

Full disclosure I am posting this because my original character is the leader of an undefined student team and I would like to coordinate with some of you over the next year for Gen Con 2022. We could form our student team for RPGs next year, build up our relationships and practiced team tactics.


Salamander background student hero in Daybreak and Sentinels of Freedom

Flight and fire blasting power set.
Confident, competent, natural leader personality
Used as back ground in training scenes where a corkscrew flame trail or erupting fire blast would fill up “dead space” on a panel

Aaron Thomas Zimmerman was all ways top in his school- captain of the swim team, academic decathlon, class president. On a family vacation to the Mediterranean coast Aaron ( never Ron ) stumbled on what appeared to be a sunken rock. It was in truth an ancient clay pot and the vessel of an ancient power. The Promethean Flame a sentient self perpetuating plasmic energy source. The Flame however must be housed in a proper vessel or risk it’s own fading and great damage to the world. Arron’s mind, body, and soul became the new host for the Promethean Flame.
The Flame is a benevolent conciseness and Aaron is learning to use the powers of fire it gives him to make the world a better place. Coming to Freedom Plaza has been a boon to Aaron’s mental health, he is no longer first, best, or top with incredible expectations. In a world of super heroes he is now simple above average and feels relaxed, despite delivering the same effort and skill that he always has.

Fire D10 Flight D10 Awareness D8 swimming D8
History D10, Leadership D8, Acrobatics D8
Self Discipline D12 - he never gives up and gives 110%
Big man on Campus D8 - he was the coolest kid in normal school and now at super school other students still react to that vibe even if there are other students better than him at any single given power

Principles of Mastery and Hero - he is good at what he dose and is good at being a good guy

Story wise he is the leader of his undefined team.
In a “Five Man Band” set up he is not the hero but the Smart Guy if his plans save the team or The Heart/The Chick if his emotional stability keeps the team together depending on the other team members.

I figure in Sentinels of Freedom he is seen as Fire guy in the back ground and in Daybreak he is the kid who has it together giving good advise if people ask. Then there would be the reveal that fire guy and cool guy are the same person.

I see a story where Rockstar is trying to be elected class president (competing against either Headlong or some rival character in Daybreak) after all the competing and high school election dirty tricks Aaron wins the election because the focus characters were not paying attention to anything but their fight.

I also see a story where Aeon Girl seems interested in going on a date with Salamander and the other members of Daybreak figure out who he is and if she will be ok. (This would be the balloon test in the comics to see if people wanted this background character to get more focus) The final joke being that Windy was not interested in Aaron but in the energy being.
Problem being that she identifies as young, female, humanoid, solid and the Promethean Flame identifies as timeless, genderless, reptilian, energy.
Aaron and the Flame suspected what was up but wanted her to figure it out at her own pace.

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