Game App Updated - Where Are Logs Now?

My game recently updated itself, changing the thumbnail from the EE-era Baron Blade picture to the one featured in the third episode of the podcast. That would be fine, but another effect of the update seems to have been that the log.txt file is no longer in the same place, or doesn’t have the same name, or something of that nature. So how can I now find the game log that saves automatically after each game? I use this feature regularly, and it’s a huge problem for me that the update apparently broke it. (I’m on an Android phone, if that matters.)

Mine was last updated March 9, and the log.txt file is still at “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.handelabra.Sentinels/files” like it always has been

I don’t see any pending updates, but ymmv, of course

So how do I get into the file system for my android? I don’t remember how I located the log the first time, but the link to that location isn’t working anymore.

Do you have a file explorer? E.g.

Not as far as I know.

Install one and then you can access the filesystem and go to the right folder.

I use myself, but there are more than a few to choose from

So, for both this one and the one I found myself, I can install the app, but as soon as I open it, Google takes me to a radio button which says, “Allow app to access files; app may delete files without your explicit permission.”. So that’s not acceptable. Can anyone tell me how to find files on my phone without giving an app the blanket permission to erase all my data anytime an algorithm tells it to?

They need that permission to delete files when you ask them to as well.

I’ve used the one I linked to for years without any problems, but if you’re worried you can use an open source app so you can verify that it’s not doing anything fishy. These two are apparently decent, though I haven’t used them myself.