Gen Con 2022 Sentinels Comics RPG

I see that Sentinel Comics the RPG will be at Gen Con this year (2022)! I played the back in Gen Con 2017, and I wonder whether the adventure this year would be the same adventure as before (#1 from the Starter Kit, I believe), or something new (or at least new to me!).

@bailey can you provide more info?

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First of all excellent username.

Secondly hello! Thank you for your patience. It will be the Starter Kit, same as last year.

Since the forums are still being a pain in giving me notifs, feel free to also reach out to me at


Thank you @bailey !

And hopefully we’re still doing the booth mini-game? :pleading_face: That was a lot of fun to run for folks and gave them a nice, simple intro in a short little session. :smiley:

Thanks the GTG staff for a great experience! I played the Be a Hero session at Gen Con (this year as Tachyon), and we had time to move into the second scenario, which left us all on a cliffhanger!

Are the Starter Set scenarios still available in print (apart from the secondary market), or only as pdfs?

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I believe they’ve said fairly recently that they were sold out a while ago necessitating a second print run. However, they’re also taking this opportunity to fix typos and update them to more accurately reflect the official rules (the core book being a few years away from being done when the Starter Kit first came out).