Greonhal's Entry

When the contest started, I sat down at my word processor and started working on a neanderthal villain who had Captain Americaed his way into the present. I got about that much written down when this other idea came to me, and it took me about an hour to come up with everything below. The name, honestly, I grabbed from Babelfish English-Chinese translator. The rest is loosely based on a character I came up with in high school.

I never did find any way to make that caveman idea actually work.




Shyr Kongzhi

HP: 75

Time Magus
At the start of the game, reveal cards from the top of the Villain Deck until a Paradox is revealed. Put the Paradox into play and shuffle the rest of the revealed cards back into the Villain deck.

At the start of the Villain turn, if there are 3 or more Paradoxes in play, flip the Villain Character Cards.

At the end of the Villain turn, Shyr deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 Energy damage plus 1 Energy damage for every Paradox in play.


Ravager of Space-Time
At the start of the Villain turn, if there are no Paradoxes in play, flip the Villain Character Cards.

At the end of the Villain turn, Shyr deals each target 1 Infernal damage for every Paradox in play.



Name: Stasis Field
Type: One-Shot
Text: The hero with the highest HP skips their next turn.

Name: Warrior Training
Type: One-Shot
Text: Shyr deals the Hero target with the most Equipments X Melee damage, where X is the number of Equipments in play plus 2.

Name: Future Self
Type: One-Shot
Text: The Hero with the most ongoing cards takes H damage, may play one card, and must discard H+3 cards from the top of their deck.

Name: Fragile Space Time
Type: One-Shot
Text: Shuffle the Villain Trash into the Villain Deck. Reveal cards from the top of the Villain Deck until a Paradox is revealed. Put the Paradox into play. Put the rest of the revealed cards into the Villain Trash.

Name: Isolated In Time
Type: Ongoing
Text: Reduce all damage dealt to Shyr by 1.

Name: Tearing The Past
Type: Ongoing
Text: Increase damage dealt by villain targets by 1.

Name: Thing From Outside Time
Type: Minion
HP: 10
Text: This card cannot be dealt damage by non-Hero targets. At the end of the villain turn this card deals the Hero target with the lowest HP 3 Infernal damage.

Name: Temporal Clone
Type: Paradox, Minion
HP: 25
Text: When Shyr takes damage, Temporal Clone takes the same amount. Every phase of the Villain turn happens twice.

Name: Self Preservation
Type: Paradox, Ongoing
Text: At the start of the villain turn, if Shyr is not the target with the highest HP, Shyr swaps HP totals with the target who does.

Name: Living In Reverse
Type: Paradox, Ongoing
Text: Effects that would happen at the start of the Villain turn happen at the end and effects that would happen at the end of the Villain turn happen at the start. When Shyr would take damage, he regains that much HP instead and when Shyr would regain HP, he takes that much damage instead.

Name: Stacked Time
Type: Paradox, Ongoing
Text: Whenever a One-Shot Villain card would be played, place it under this card instead. When this card is destroyed, play every card under it. At the end of the Villain turn, every card under this one takes effect.

Name: Warning To The Past
Type: Paradox, Ongoing
Text: When Shyr would be reduced to 0 HP, restore him to 25 HP. If Temporal Clone is in play, destroy it.



Shyr Kongzhi once lived in the grand, globe-spanning Chinese Empire of 2012. There were a few pockets of resistance left, and they somehow had managed to keep themselves seperate from the Empire for generations, despite the rest of the world being conquered hundreds of years previously. Fed up with having been kept from his birthright for so long, the Emperor tasked Shyr, his wizard advisor, to go back to when these rebellious nations were in their infancy and wear away at them from the inside, so they would be less able to keep their independence now. Shyr warned his Emperor of unforseeable consequences, but was unable to sway his decision, and acquieced.

Shyr used his mastery of time magic to travel back several centuries and did seditious best. After several years, he decided that his work was done and travelled back again to his own time. The results of his temporal sabotage were even more extreme than he had ever imagined. His glorious Empire not only no longer existed, but had never existed. Now he is looking back, studying our history, trying to figure out what went wrong. Once he is ready and these darn supers stop pestering him, Shyr will travel back to restore the Empire of his youth to its former current glory.

Looks like this would be an interesting fight. 

Question on the Temporal Clone, would that be one villain turn followed by another villain turn or would each step of the villain turn happen twice in a row? (i.e. 2 play phases back to back)

Sounds pretty interesting. Cool backstory, and fits right in with a time travel theme, checking the box on a lot of different tropes.

The battle itself would certainly be interesting.
Some of the paradoxes seem really powerful (stacked time in particular). I presume that the cards under stacked time build up (rather than being destroyed when the card effect of stacked time happens), so that those one-shots are having their effect every turn. That would blow out fairly quickly, I think. If that's the plan, stacked time should have hp, so the heroes have an easier way to get rid of it.
Temporal clone is also super powerful, because all your end of turn effects are happening twice. 25 hp might be too much.
I like your thinking though. With the right balancing, he could be a lot of fun.
Good luck!

With Temporal Clone, my idea was the two copies of him are fighting in sync with each other, so the phases happen twice in a row. Also, I gave him 25 HP because, since you can effectively deal him double damage with AoE attacks, I figured he needed a bit of armor.

As for Stacked Time, I understand why you're saying it should have HP. I didn't give it any because it didn't make much sense to me to let the heroes punch a rip in space time. It makes far more sense for that to be fixed by a Bee Bot blowing up. Clearly.