Guise book PDF out

Backers check your E-Mails the Drive Thru link for Guise book PDF went out yesterday


Question to the community-
How long do we wait before discussing content?
Page 69 made me so happy, but i would not want to spoil that secret for anyone else
Page 87 is also a great character evolution
and the new but oft discussed character on page 99 is great

I’d say probably until it’s publicly for sale. Until then I’d suggest either using spoiler text or putting spoilers in the thread name.


Wait, they’re on page 69? How did that not register for me before? lmao


Any news about when the Guise book will be available At DriveThruRPG?

They have not mentioned it yet. However, with the physical book being sent to backers I would think it should be out soon.


I hope so. I have been waiting for the release since this thread was started six months ago.

Any idea on why GTG is delayng the release so much?

@bailey is this something you can provide information on?

Not a member of GtG, but my memory from when the core book came out is that PDFs weren’t released for sale until after backers had gotten their physical copies. I think the Guise book reached backers by the end of March, so if that timeline holds true it’ll pop up for sale as a PDF in the next week or two.

I completely missed that. It makes perfect sense.
This also means I’d be better to back the next Kickstarter. Do you know which expansion it with feature and when will it launch?

There’s still an adventure book and two sourcebooks to go, plus The History of Sentinel Comics, so I don’t know if I’d expect the next KS of stuff for at least 2-3 years I feel like.


Thanks. I just backed all remaining books.

The Guise Book PDF is available Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game — The Guise Book - Greater Than Games, LLC |

On the webstore as well Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game — The Guise Book | Greater Than Games