Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash get an Attack+1 token for each adjacent enemy when they make an attack. Do they get these tokens before or after the attack is resolved?

I believe it is after.

I believe you are referring to Hack and Slash.

It is not when the attack resolves, it is when the attack is made.

This is completely my interpretation, but I do attacks as such:

1.  Declare an attack:  this is where you say where the attack is made and against what targets, this is where you pay the cost, and where Wraith would choose to Slip into the Shadows.

2.  Make the attack:  This is where you roll your attack dice, and then add A+1 tokens.  I give Hack and Slash tokens as soon as they roll the dice, which means they can use the tokens on the attack they are making, but they won't gain a token for Wraith if they declare an attack and Wraith uses slip to move away from them.

3.  Defend against the attack:  This is where the defender(s) against the attack declare dodge and then roll dice and add D+1 tokens.  Once the defender is given the choice to dodge or not the attacker can no longer modify her dice.  So if somehow an ability gave an attacker A+1 tokens based on dealing damage or the defender using tokens, the attacker could not use those tokens on the attack still resolving, even if there were multiple targets.

4.  Blocking Dice:  Once you get to this phase no dice can be altered on either side, you line up your dice, activate abilities that make attacks based on blocked dice, things like that, sometimes you have to roll defense against an attack caused by dice being blocked, and that will send you back here again.  Once all attacks are resolved and you know how much damage everyone will take you move on to step 5.

5.  Assign damage.  Remove health, reduce move, push, incap, etc.  since all attacks have been made a target incapped at this point will not lose any attacks they have already made, all the damage will be dealt.

Yup -- meant Hack and Slash (instead of Blood, Sweat, and Tears). Title and previous post fixed.


I think Donner's right. I'm curious what the designers will say.

My main reasoning is Stun Bolts.

"Whenever this attack resolves. . ."

That puts the timing past when the defender would have to use a defense -1 token.  I think if they meant the same effect with Hack and Slash they would have used similar wording.

I suspect not following that is a primary cause of errata among games.  However, creative minds tend to write how their mind is thinking now, not how identical wording is done.  But I could be wrong and the wording could be so you can use the +1 attack tokens on the same attack you gained them.