Healing Powers

I recently purchased the Sentinel Comics RPG book. I’ve seen a few powers that allow you to heal yourself, but I didn’t really see anything that allows you to reliably heal others. My goal is to make a supernatural nurse type hero that heals and boosts others, any suggestions?


First, take a look at page 67, the Alien Power Source has a yellow ability called “Empower and Repair”. Next, decide if you want to just take the Alien Power Source and reflavor it for a Supernatural theme. If that doesn’t appeal, consult with your GM, and see if you can use the Secret Third Option of character building, and simply swap “Empower and Repair” for a yellow ability in your chosen Power Source. Hope this helps!


Thank you, I’ll check that out.

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At least with what we have out healing other heroes is not a major focus. A lot of it is self healing. Which makes sense as healing doesn’t doesn’t progress things for dealing with adversaries or overcomes.


So, there are a few Abilities that let you heal others, but not a lot. You probably want to take a handful, and then use Boosts to reflect bursts of energy and help to others.

For Power Sources, you want to look at one of the following:

  • Genetic: The “Rally” ability in Green heals nearby heroes in the Yellow or Red Zone alongside an attack.
  • Relic: The “Harvest Life Force” ability in Yellow lets you hurt someone else, hurt yourself, and heal an ally in a big way.
  • Supernatural: The “Area Healing” ability in Yellow boosts an ally and lets you and nearby heroes in the Yellow and Red zones heal.
  • Alien: The “Empower and Repair” ability in Yellow is a very versatile action plus heal for you and nearby heroes.

There aren’t any Archetypes that give Recover to allies, but there are a lot that give Boosts; Boosting yourself is a great way to get powerful use out of those Min-die Recovers, and Boosting allies is a great way to empower them to act.


In general, healing other allies generally isn’t as useful as Attacking, Boosting, or Hindering. To reiterate what others have said, you’ll be looking at either Genetic for Rally, Relic for Harvest Life Force, Supernatural for Area Healing, or Alien for Empower or Repair for a way to heal other heroes mid-action scene.
For a supernatural nurse themed hero, I’d recommend thinking about what they do other than Recovering to help you decide what it is they will be doing. Your archetype will likely end up supplying most of your non-healing effects.


Thanks, @xanderthegrim ! I was going to ask this very question myself.

And thanks to the rest of you for the great answers!

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Kind of late to this thread, but I’ve recently been playing a hero who might be a good example of what you can do with the healer-hero concept. He relies on the Relic power “Harvest Life Force” (renamed to “Starlight Blaze” below) ability mentioned above combined with one of the many Yellow zone “turn energy-type damage into healing” tricks, which makes him a strong single-target ally healer who also has good ways to restore some of his own health. Can’t do the kind of mass healing tricks other healers can, but he’s also less reliant on bonuses to improve his Min die, and IME there’s usually one ally that needs a lot more help than the rest so dropping a big Max die heal on them still works okay.

Pretty happy with the way he plays, although sometimes I feel like I’m spamming Starlight Blaze a bit too often trying to keep people on their feet.

Name: Marshal Starblaze
Description: Fit-looking man in his early thirties dressed in a tight silver-white full-body suit that shade to deep blue on the hands, feet, and around the neck. A seven-pointed golden star is affixed over his heart, and a golden aura surrounds him when his powers are active.

Gender: Male Age: Early Thirties Height: 5’11" Eyes: Black, Filled With Stars
Hair: Black Buzzcut Skin: Sable Brown Build: Lean

Background: Medical Power Source: Relic Archetype: Elemental Manipulator
Personality: Stalwart Health (G/Y/R): 30/22/11

Powers: Radiant d10, Awareness d8, Intuition d8, Flight d6
Qualities: Acrobatics d10, Alertness d10, Conviction d10, Stellar Marshal d8, Medicine d8, Technology d6
Status: Always d8


Concentrated Starbolt (A) Attack using Radiant. Use your Max die. Take damage equal to your Min die.
Dual Starbolts (A) Attack up to two targets using Radiant. Take damage equal to your Mid die.
Principle of Space (A) Overcome while in space or under conditions similar to space. Use your Max die. You and your allies each gain a Hero Point. Minor twist: Who can hear you scream? Major twist: What caused you to drift off into the unknown? RP: You can survive in the vacuum of space without additional equipment.
Principle of Mastery (A) Overcome in a situation that uses your powers in a new way. Use your Max die. You and your allies gain each gain a Hero Point. Minor twist: How did your powers fail you in the moment? Major twist: What side effects are you suffering from your powers? RP: You understand the metaphysics of your powers.
Recite the Oath (A) Boost yourself using Radiant. This bonus is persistent and exclusive.

Starlight Blaze (A) Attack using Radiant. Use your Min die. Take damage equal to your Mid die, and one nearby ally Recovers using your Max die.
Projected Shield (R) When another hero in the Yellow or Red zone would take damage, you may Defend them by rolling your single Awareness die.
Stellar Attunement (A) If you would take damage from Radiant, reduce the damage to zero and Recover that amount of health instead.

Deflection (R) When an Attack would deal damage to a nearby hero in the Red zone, you may take d6 irreducible damage to redirect that Attack to a target of your choice other than the source of that Attack.
Masterful Solution (A) Overcome using Alertness. Use your Max + Min dice. Hinder all nearby opponents using your Mid die.
Prismatic Flare (A) Use Radiant to Attack up to three targets, one of which must be you. Assign your Max, Mid, and Min dice as you choose among those targets.

Lingering Light (A) Defend an ally by rolling your single Radiant die.

Marshal Starblaze almost always opens a scene with Recite the Oath to establish a lasting bonus for himself, and may even repeat it while the scene is still in Green. After that he relies on Dual Starbolts against weaker targets or Concentrated Starbolt against strong foes.

Once in the Yellow zone he gains Projected Shield to Defend allies from harm and Stellar Attunement turns all Radiant damage inflicted on him (including his own) into healing. Starlight Blaze is his go-to ability when damage output is less important than healing, and he’ll allocate bonuses to it to maximize its effectiveness. It’s really quite an amazing ability, with the highest single target healing of any Yellow power and no downside at all thanks to him inverting his own self-damaging effects into healing.

His Red zone abilities include a strong but painful defensive reaction in Deflection, which can redirect an Attack away from vulnerable heroes (including himself) at the cost of some irreducible self-damage. Prismatic Flare is extremely versatile and combines strong damage output with even more self-healing, and can easily let him climb back into the Yellow zone if desired. Finally, Masterful Solution is a potent Overcome option that also impairs enemies, giving him a good way to deal with challenges his Principles can’t be applied to.

Outside of combat, he’s a very agile flyer, albeit lacking in raw speed or lifting power. His Awareness power revolves around the ability sense both life and anti-life energies, which he’s learned to augment with his medical training and general Alertness. His Intuition stems from the subtle guidance of his Marshal’s Star, while his Technology reflects the tinkering skills he learned in his time with Doctors Without Borders. Stellar Marshal training includes self-defense skills, briefings on star systems and dimensional anomalies within his patrol zone, and how to deal with both innocent civilians and vicious criminals, whether human or alien.

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Overall, I’m kind of getting a Green Lantern-vibe from this character. (I’m not accusing you of unoriginality, of course. One of my heroes is literally a character created by another — The Time Traveller from H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.)

Wait, is that his superhero name or his normal civilian name? Because, well, I could see it being either.

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Yes, there’s more than a bit of that to him. More magical than scifi but the Lantern tech is so advanced anyway Clarke’s Law is on full display. He doesn’t really do the energy-construct thing beyond shields (think Ditko’s art on Doctor Strange), more of a zaps and auras kind of guy.

Supranym, Marshal’s his job position, partly inspired by the old Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers cartoon and maybe a bit of Bravestarr. His real name’s Joseph Jones. Trimmed out his origin for space - his writeups take up a lot of space for a forum post even condensed.

Only gotten to use him twice so far, so he’s a little raw yet. Do like the amount of healing he can crank out once he hits Yellow, and he’s pretty versatile outside of a brawl.

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