Heart count?

Puzzling. A thread entitled “Something Fun about Guise” appears on my list of “Top Topics” on my profile with “20 :heart:” next to it. But only 9 actual hearts appear above, and 4 of them aren’t on my posts. So how is the system counting 20?

If I look at top topics I don’t see anything that shows a number of hearts without going into a post. So what screen are you looking at that shows 20 hearts?

They’re looking at their own personal profile. https://forums.greaterthangames.com/u/[username]/summary

Thank you

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Huh, odd. When I go onto your profile, under Top Topics, it says that that thread does only have nine Likes.

Nevermind, I’m dumb. It actually says “20 H ago 9 hearts”.

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No worries – we’re all learning how the new site works. In case you didn’t catch it, it’s not just new to you. :blush: