Heartbreaker and Equity Kill The Sentinels Universe

This kind of sprang to mind fully-formed upon listening to the latest Editor's Notes.


H: "Legacy. Ooof. Tough one. He's a family man, right? Family's usually a good weak point, threaten them, make your enemy sloppy, etc, etc."
E: "Ignoring the obvious problem of the eldest daughter, who has all of Mr Parson's powers and then some, it is my limited understanding that that is actually exactly what caused the 'Iron Legacy' incident. Hardly a rousing success."
H: "He's got more than one kid, bro, but fair enough. Okay, how did the heroes beat Iron Legacy? We could sneak into the Freedom Tower and steal their records to find out."
E: "A surprisingly actionable plan. Perhaps even better than doing the same for Ramonat's secrets."
H: "Ramo- oh, Blade? Yeah, there's PANACHE to dropping a moon on the guy, I admit, but all my stuff's on this planet, soooooo..."


E: "Ms Cohen? Trivial. She lacks any powers except an exceptional amount of firearms."
H: "Dude. Her entire SCHTICK is making people who say things like that eat their words. I have seen it before. Like, a lot. Trust me."
E: "Her.... 'schtick'? Now you're sounding like Guise."
H: "OH MAN LET ME SHOW YOU MY PLAN FOR GUISE okay this one will be good."
*sounds of several pages of notes being spread out across a table*
E: "Is that a cardboard box propped up by a stick with a string attached to it?"
H: "Truuuuuust me. He could never resist such an obvious trap."
E: "I concede the point."


E: "Phase through the wall behind him, shoot him in the back of his head. Next?"
H: "Ugh, AGAIN?"
E: "Can you explain why you think it wouldn't work?"
H: "Yeah yeah, I 'concede the point'. Not buying the beer for a repeat, though."

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I like the voicing on this!  Equity plays the straightman to Heartbreaker's antics.

This is amazing :D


Plus, I agree, Guise could never resist such an obvious trap