Heist - Bandit of Time (Updated)





                “Does she always move this fast?” thought Olivia Tannen as she watched through infrared goggles. Dr. Meredith Stinson, aka Tachyon, was a bright white blur in Olivia’s goggles, zipping back and forth from instrument to instrument. After a few minutes, Tachyon stopped at the door and waited for it to slowly slide upwards. As the door reached its maximum, the white blur zipped out. The door closed and the lights went out.

                “Perfect,” whispered Olivia as she removed the ventilation grate and descended into the lab. Her years working as the Fence’s top thief served her well, as she quickly and nimbly dodged security cameras and trip lasers. Swiftly, she placed her digital code cracker on the interface of her target container. After a quick succession of beeps, the case opened with a hiss and white smoke billowed out, revealing the prize.

                “It actually exists,” said Olivia as she pulled a belt, chest plate, an arm computer and a bundle of cables and tubes out of the box, “the Chronosuit.” Olivia couldn’t believe that Eaken-Rubendall Laboratories actually finished a prototype…after all, time travel was just some kooky idea that…

                Suddenly, Olivia’s phone rang. It was the Fence. She reluctantly took the call.

                “What do you want?”

                “Hey, whoa there, did I catch you at a bad time?”

                “I’m pulling off the job now, Fence…”

                “So you have the suit in hand?”


                “Good. Now there’s no way they can’t pin this on you” *click*

                “Wha-“ A klaxon in the lab began to blare. Suddenly, it dawned on her, this wasn’t a job to get back in the Organization’s good graces, it was to get her out. Olivia hadn’t been the most loyal when it came to taking the fall for the Organization. Nor had she been honest with how much she got on each job. Her ambitions had finally caught up with her. The door to the lab began to rise.

                Thinking quickly rather than clearly, Olivia saw only one way out. Haphazardly wrapping the cables around herself, she spun every dial and flipped every switch on the arm piece. The chest plate hummed to life and the cables began to glow a soft yellow.

                “Hope this works!” she yelled as she slammed the large red button on the arm piece. She disappeared in a flash of yellow light just as Tachyon slid in…


Seconds later, a flash of light blinded the Fence as he left the phone booth. There stood Olivia, donning a silver body suit, and armored plating. What was once a twisted bundle of cables now elegantly wrapped around her limbs and glowed a warm green. While the Fence was still frozen in disbelief, Olivia calmly walked up to him and grabbed him by the throat.

                “Thank you for giving me that fall job all those years ago, Fence,” she whispered. “Without you, I would still think money was the greatest thing to steal. I was so naïve back then.” She tightened her grip. “But now I know… it’s history. And it looks like yours is just that.” The Fence tried to scream as he began to fade away into non-existence. “Your grandfather was such a nice kid too…”


The source of Heist’s power is the Chronosuit. In addition to the ability to time travel, the Chronosuit allows Heist to slow, stop, and speed up spacetime. While she has gathered weapons and henchmen from throughout history, her most devastating attack is her ability to go back in time and disrupt critical events in the heroes’ lives. Luckily, Tachyon has equipped the heroes with time-stabilization belts based on the Chronosuit prototype that can resist its effects. The idea behind this villain is that the heroes have to chase Heist through time to repair her disruptions. Unfortunately, she usually has some nasty surprise waiting for the heroes .


Cards: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzSD8UWcowCyeVdNTHJHUW1DaUU

Have to open in Word to see everything.

Wow, I really love this. Heist has a great and enjoyable attitude throughout all of this. I like her as a character a lot. And even the deck mechanics are really cool. I love the whole disruptions/relics that come into play. The idea of this girl jumping around and stealing things to harm the heroes is great. I love it. And you've got artwork! She looks awesome! Pretty great stuff, man. I mean it. I'd actually consider writing these down on index cards and playing a game with her.

I really like Heist. She not only fits the theme of the expansion, but she fits the general attitude of the Sentinels Universe. She's dangerous, cool, and a little bit campy. (which are all great things to my mind) Have you had a chance to playtest her? 

Very very cool.

I love the Hero Origins idea a lot but having multiple stacks of Disruptions, which (if I understand it correctly) sort of each act like mini villain decks, could get out of hand, no?  And expecting the heroes to give up their play or power phase (something good) in order to play a card beneath a Disruption (something bad) in order to eventually get rid of the Distortion might be a lot to ask, it seems.

Well blast. This is distressingly similar to, more fleshed out than, and perhaps better fitting in the game's style than my own villain entry. I just have one minor question. How many cards, exactly, are there in her deck?

This hero has two of the things I really wanted to see from a time traveling villain... one is minions from all over the past and future and the other is the ability to alter the past of heroes. Very cool and she seems like a fun character... like somebody who is in it for the fun but has a mean streak if you really try hard to foil her.

Yeah, I thought it could get out of control very quickly. Adding penalties in addition to not being able to play a card or use a power might be a little too much. Maybe just the option to play a villain card at the start of your turn would be better.

Haven't started play testing, so no card count yet, still working through the new expansions I got.

Love the story and theme, the villain sounds like a lot of fun.

the individual cards all sound pretty good, but I have to say that reading it, I have difficulty envisioning how a game would play. The way the deck is listed means that I'm not really following what would happen...

Basically, every time Heist plays a 'disruption' card, four cards from her deck are placed face down underneath the disruption card. According to these original rules, a player could skip their power or card turn to play one of the cards under a disruption card. This means heroes have to decide whether to let Heist keep her disruptions or give her extra plays at the cost of your own.


So on her first turn, Heist plays a disruption from her trash: "you never found it" then does its effect. Then four cards from her deck get put under "you never found it." then at the end of her turn, she plays one of those cards you just put under. So at the start of the first hero phase, there will be three cards under "you never found it" and a hero can choose to play one of those cards or go as normal. The first disruptions don't have lingering effects so its not a bad idea to leave some out, but it can get pretty nasty if you leave too many.

The background idea seems very cool...but the villain is too tough I think.


The only way I see to kill her is to ignore the disruptions and simply try to damage her for 50 damage before the AoE becomes unbearable

Not sure about the mechanics of the disruptions, but the theme of this villain is spot on and very fun. Maybe rather than a hero sacrificing a turn to give Heist an extra play the card under the disruption would be discarded. This would still simulate the heroes spending their actions working to fix the timeline with out being such a huge cost.


(And the advanced rule could be as written)

That's actually a really good idea, I'm gonna try that on my first try of her.

We playtested Heist last night and in her current state...




Immediate changes were you don't play her card but discard it and the stolen hero equipment are no longer disruptions (but you have to skip your whole turn to get rid of a hero equipment rather than a half turn)


This made her still difficult but doable...maybe.

A while ago I was bored waiting for us to get to 100k so I took some time with Heist.


Biggest changes:

Realized Villains only have 25 cards, adjusted accordingly.

Removal of the Altered Past cards mechanic. Too much like Infection, and diluted her deck.

Changing the stolen equipment from disruptions to stolen hero devices with HP.

Changing stabilized capacitors to the mechanic that plays cards under a disruption.

Flip mechanic is now dependant on stabilized capacitors in play.


With these changes, we found her to be an interesting fight, however, she didn't do enough damage.


Next changes considered are her having base damage on front side and maybe another card to bring out disruptions.