Help Unlocking Dark Watch Setback

Beating The Chairman in Rook City with that lineup is just really hard and I’d love some advice if people have any

A standard way to cheese the fight is to restart until Mr. Fixer starts with Dual Crowbar and Setback starts with Friendly Fire. Have Setback ahead in turn order. The way the two cards interact will let you burn down the Operative in a turn at the cost of Setback also likely getting knocked out.


Yeah, the Dual Crowbar / Friendly Fire trick is certainly the cheesiest approach (although watch out if you have the Contract out, it won’t quite work.)

If you just want the general advice, though:

  • Mr. Fixer can get a lot done with damage redirection and a Pipe Wrench, redirecting the Operative’s retaliations back at her each turn. This will also let him redirect an Oblivion attack from Nightmist if needed.
  • Dark Watch Expatriette can play Hairtrigger Reflexes, then use her innate power each turn to make sure that smaller enemies just explode the instant they come into play, protecting you from Informants and Thieves.
  • Nightmist can search for her own redirect card, and then get Oblivion out to clear the board easily.
  • Setback is on healing and draw duty; build up Unlucky tokens, draw the cards that let you heal and redirect damage to yourself, draw the cards that top-deck cards off the Chairman’s deck, keep using those cards while doing more card draw whenever possible. When needed, use Nightmist’s Enlightenment to draw more cards for him.

Best advice I can offer is that it’s one of the hardest unlock conditions in the entire game, but it can be done. The fact that you’re having trouble just means you’re mortal like the rest of us. :slight_smile: Don’t get frustrated, plug away at it from time to time, you’ll get it eventually.


This advice just helped me pull it off!!! Combination of Hairtrigger reflexes and Jack handle carried me through without anyone dropping!!!