Hero Themes of the Multiverse!


Since the YouTube for the Listening Party is up, we should totally talk about what our favorite hero themes are!

...even if I'm having trouble actually choosing. >_> Other than possibly listening to Omni-X's theme a bit too many times. <_< (I can't resist peppy techno!)

Oh my gosh, there’s so much to love here! Tachyon’s was already a fave, for sure, but Absolute Zero’s theme felt like him on a really deep level (and obviously the jazzy feel made a lot of sense). I really liked Captain Cosmic’s theme, too, and then Fanatic’s was just...whoa.

I love these themes so so much!

edit: and you’re so right about Omni-X, what a great piece!

I'm really big on Captain Cosmic and Omnitron, but of course the best hero theme is Guise's, because he's the best hero!

He said so himself, after all. And clearly he is trustworthy because he is a hero.

At the risk of thread necromancy, has anyone heard word of a second volume? I can’t be the only one hoping for the rest of the heroes… like the Matriarch theme getting a heroic rework for Harpy.

Also, love Expatriette’s angry rap.

The first volume was released as part of a goal for the Video Game KS for making Season 2 of the EE game. I don’t think we’ve been told by Handelabra or Jean-Marc if they ever plan to do the rest of the heroes.

That being said… I have a low-key hope that it might get done as part of the DE Digital/SotM 2 process. It’s not based on anything Handelabra has said, just a hope.

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If they do, I assume it will include heroes new to Definitive edition as well.

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Ah-ha. I did not know that. I wasn’t in on any of the crowdfunding campaigns until the RPG. Thanks!