Homebrew Wiki?

Something I’m curious about - has there been any attempt to collate people’s RPG homebrew in a single wiki? I know that several RPGs have wikis like that, where people can upload and save their characters, NPCs, or story ideas.

The official Sentinels wiki doesn’t really have a space for that (and honestly, mixing homebrew and canon sources in a single wiki has a way of getting confusing pretty quickly) but I was curious if anyone had tried to get one off the ground.


Just bumping this. I came here to ask the exact same question.

Would Fandom be a good place for this, or is its TOS/licensing not suitable?

I would recommend getting in contact with the official Wiki editors, to ask how they did things: @lynkfox, @Jeysie, @Powerhound_2000, and @UXM266.

Also, just to clarify, are you talking about a wiki for homemade mechanics and rules or a wiki for people’s Heroes, Villains, Environments, etc. made with the official rules?

I can see the reasons one would want to use a wiki, but if it’s the latter, you might also consider simply making some Forum threads for these things.

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Back when I first asked, the answer to your clarification was “yes, both”. In my experience, a homebrew wiki that has characters, environments, people’s house rules, campaign ideas, new hacks, and the like is a very useful tool for RPG folks, and can serve as a community hub and reference hub with a very different purpose from a forum or Discord.

I’d generally recommend also posting things to the forum, but the thing about forums is that they are not designed for easy sorting. It’s great for the 1-2 weeks after you make a thing, but after that things sort of vanish. I can’t imagine how I would go about searching for hero characters here in a way that didn’t require me to sift through an awful lot of other posts, whereas a wiki that just had an entire page for them would let people quickly go and take a look.

I know how to build a wiki, and I’ve used Wikidot in the past to do so, but I don’t have the time to be a head editor on one these days. I’d be happy to be a contributer, though.


To answer my summons: The Sentinels Wiki is basically Lynkfox having installed the Mediawiki software on his own web server space. It’s not difficult for anyone with a moderate amount of PHP and web knowledge, but as FrivYeti noted it is time-consuming and costs some money.

Would something like Google Docs or Dropbox Paper be sufficient for this purpose? It’s not quite as fancy-looking or convenient as a wiki would be, but it seems like it would work well for minimal time/money investment cost.


Another option that could potentially be worth considering is World Anvil: