Hourglass (my submission... modified)

and here is my submission to the SOTM Villain contest... with a few changes.

going over my submission before posting it here, i noticed some major problems with it, mostly surrounding how it deals with the Villain trash. so, i made some changes. i was also inspired by the current influx of female Villains,  to change the sex of Hourglass from an old man in my original entry to the current incarnation: a vivacious young woman with an "hourglass" figure. the result is a much better, cooler version of Hourglass than the folks at >G saw, unufortunately. guess i'll have to go back in time and fix that!

EDIT 12/5/12: links should be working now.

EDIT 12/4/12: new "final" version with FULL CARD ART. you can Print and Play these! includes custom card backs!

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4 this page is my take on an oversized Villain template with both sides of the character Gameplay Card printed oversize on one page on either side of a smaller box where you put the original Portrait character card. when you flip, just flip the Portrait card and follow the instructions on the right Gameplay Card image.

card backs


Erm...you know the villain contest finished a month or two ago, right? The winning entry is in the new expansion, and her details were announced the other day.

yeah, i know. i was just posting my entry for the heck of it. i thought it was interesting enough to take a look at.

Yeah, we all posted ours to share (since submissions where via email) so the more the merrier. Big fan, I like the character, the double deck effect is very interesting.

i've done some more revising/editing of Hourglass. if interested, see version 3 in the attachment to 1st post.

major overhaul coming.

did some playtesting and she was too weak... made some changes... did some playtesting and she was too strong... i've made some more changes and i think i've got her where she needs to be... but i want to playtest her some more before i post the "final" version.

what started out as a off-the-cuff idea for the contest has turned into a real challenge to myself to create a solid playable Villain, one  that's difficult to beat but can be defeated by a good hero team playing well. also, balancing in her alternate win condition so it's a realistic threat but not overwhelming is really tough too.

EDIT 12/4/12: check out full card version with full ART ready to PnP!!! version 5 in original post above. some notes on playing the deck: be careful of the order in which cards enter the Villain trash. a one-shot shouldn't be put into to the trash until its effects are complete. so if a card tells you to play the top card of the Villain deck, you'll play that next card, and if it's a one-shot too, it'll go into the trash BEFORE the card that told you to play it.