I just got Bottom of the 9th

Holy hell. It's beautiful. The packaging of all the cards in booster packs with that "stick of gum" inside is just amazing. DHMG really hit a home run with this one. I was pretty blown away by just how great everything looked when I got it.

Great job guys. It was a pleasure to play it with you this past Pax and I can't wait to bring this to the table.

Based on the notice I got I should be receiving mine Friday.  I know Darrell did an unboxing video a while back and I was pretty impressed with how it came out.  

Got mine today, and I second how attractive the game is.  Nice work with the "gum".

I was starting to think I might not pull it off, but I got every single card and part in the box, closed tight.  Go me.


Can't wait to play this game.

I tried to get a solo game going just to familiarize myself with the ruleset well enough to be able to teach others very quickly and easily. I have to admit, the rules as written are fairly confusing and don't address/expand on a few fairly important details.

If Darrel (or someone) is around, I'd appreciate some clarification on some things in solo rules:

1) The rules for corner pitches. When it says "reroll and modify as needed to achieve C1 and C6", does that mean that you automatically make every corner pitch C1 or C6, or that you should reroll once and try to modify it every time to get as close as possible.

For example, pitch rolls a C3. Do you:

A) "Modify it as needed" it directly into a C1

B) Reroll the 3. Let's say it becomes a 4. Then modify the 4 to a 5 to get it as close to C6 as possible

C) Reroll the 3. Let's say it becomes a 4. Can't modify to C6 or C1 so you keep it as C4


2) Fatigue. What exactly happens if the Fatigue/Pitch deck runs out of cards? Do you:

A) Pitcher now always throws the opposite of his signiture pitch? (A pitcher with a signiture High&Away pitch will now always throw Low&Inside the rest of the game)

B) Put in a relief Pitcher? How many cards would go back into the Pitch Deck at that point though?

C) Something else?


3) After the staredown and subsequent Pitcher/Batter rolls, how do you handle Pitcher color token abilities like the innate Reroll/Modify allowed by guessing Location/Direction correctly (or in solo mode, you guessing incorrectly). Do you:

A) Apply the Reroll/Modify bonus's after the specific ones from the solo mode rules to best benefit the Pitcher vs your Batter die

B) Ignore Location/Direction bonus' for Pitchers as the specific reroll/modify rules for solo mode replace them totally.

These posted by Mike Mullins on bgg might help:



Maybe Mike will post on here too 

This was helpful. Thanks for pointing this out to me Powerhound!

Got it, actually played it. Liked it. I modtly got this because of the sentinels but liked t he gameplay. Someone posted on the backer comments on how to make everything fit in the box.


Anyone found a good way to fit all the cards into the box? With the promos and the two expansions it doesn't all seem to fit.

Someone on Boardgamegeek has.