If you're wondering what AZ's Freedom Academy classes would actually be like

Some comments in the Five Man Band thread reminded me, oh yeah, I actually know of a real life professor of philosophy and ethics!

There’s a streamer over on Twitch who is an American living in Japan and teaching philosophy and ethics at a university there. And, he spends about a half-hour to an hour at the start of most of his streams talking about both getting used to Japan and more relevantly what his classes are like.

(Though he’s not a “weeaboo”, for context, he just fell in love with and married a lady who happened to be Japanese-American and wanted to go back for her own job.)

He’s also a very nice guy who mostly plays managerial and grand strategy games, so worth watching in general.

http://twitch.tv/rizorty for his stream and Rizorty VODs - YouTube for past vids.