"If'n ye want s'thin' dun right..."

From the old weekly game “Rise of the Robots”. The entire party was reduced to the 2-6 HP range by two Sedative Flechettes in one turn, but the dreaded Technological Singularity never got played, and CR used his Dart-Thrower to counteract Interpolation Beam and keep the big bug under control. Once the flip finally happened, Stealth Bot was on hand, and the party beat OT down to 7, so it seemed we were going to win with no casualties.

But Omnitron in Omnitron is never safe to be around. One drone played by the Environment meant a bonus play from the Dropship, which was the Big Bomb of Instant Death. Stealth Bot was able to save one hero, and the Lone Gunman was the obvious choice. OT shot the former sheriff of Silver Gulch, then took 3 damage in retaliation. He healed 8 and played a second Big Bomb, but O-U turned CR’s dart thrower into a Bomb of his own, dealing 8 thanks to bounties. Jim barely had to start his final turn to finish Cosmotron off.

(Fortunately, being cosmically empowered means Omnitron-2 can no longer hide its code in the Devices it spits out. So without the Boss around, those two fully armed and operational EPEs are just glorified rocks. Still, CON is going to have a lot of cleanup to do after Jim gets back from this mission.)