Initiating Carnival Game Debugging Subroutine. Error detected... designation "Hax"

Omnitron-X and another hero (let’s say it’s Chrono-Ranger) are in the Fantastical Festival, both with equal HP, and Madame Mittermaier has really gotten out of hand. Among the many Attractions in play are Freak Show and Maze of Mirrors. When OX plays Disruptive Flechettes, only two villain targets are in play, Omnitron and one of its drones. X targets the Drone, and Maze of Mirrors redirects the hit to itself, whereupon it says “I’m the lowest HP, I can’t deal damage”. X then targets Omnitron-I for nemesis damage, denies being the lowest HP for Freak Show’s purposes, and deals 3 to the villain.

This is how the situation played out in the app, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. But I’m looking to understand the logic behind it. By the principle of “being dealt zero damage doesn’t count as being dealt damage”, it seems to me as though Maze of Mirrors should not count its redirect condition as having been satisfied when no damage was actually dealt by the redirected hit. From an app-programming perspective, if this is how these cards work, then why do effects like Twist the Ether, or the self-damage clause of Applied Numerology, recalculate every time the relevant damage instance is redirected? Twist is a much older card, but Numerology is newer even than the Festival, so there’s clearly some aspect of the game rules’ minutia, or some arcane detail in the app, which makes it work out this way.

(As an aside, this game not only featured a ridiculously well-behaved Omnitron who never Terraformed the entire carnival, only once blew up more than two cards at a time, and wasted all its Electro-Pulse Explosives in the Mirror Maze, but was also notable for All-seeing Alzrabar constantly, at least three times, playing Sudden Contract from CR’s deck when there were no Bounty cards in it, and while the Freak Show Mirror Maze made him unwilling to deal any damage, so the card was completely wasted. I just picture Alzrabar pretending to be CON, repeatedly attempting to send him on missions against targets that don’t actually exist.)