[Inquiry] Starter Kit Upgrade?

Now that the SCRPG core book has been out for a while, has anyone gone through and fleshed out the Starter Kit to account for slight changes to the rules/more details on how the story is intended to go?


The only notable change to the rules is how d4 minions work like lieutenants. I don’t think anyone’s gone over the character sheets looking for changes. I know Bunker’s big Red attack was changed, but only so that it functioned as intended (it’s kind of gibberish as written).

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I have gone over the character sheets for changes, mostly to report that there are quite a few changes. I think everybody gets at least one die size or move shuffled around.

I was hoping for some clarifications on how scenes are intended to be run. I remember The Tomb being particularly vague.

At the very least nothing official. If you have questions on what people did or how people think it should be run I’d post a thread on what you are having issues with.

There’s definitely nothing about scenario design. The Tomb works as badly as ever.

I just want to know how intrinsic having the specific heroes is to the Starter Kit and other early adventures. Do they fall apart when using player-made heroes?

At this point I’m not expecting anything official. They’ve got more important things on their plate. I was just wondering if the fans have gone in and agreed upon some basics.