Inroduction to new site

Hi Friends,

Nice part of the community. I am here to know everyone. Please coperate with me.

Huh, interesting username. Can't help but feel that the message is gonna be edited shortly with some kind of casino-related dodgy-looking website link...


Yeah... Keeping tabs on it... :-\ 

Of course, if jackpotts turns out to be a legit participant in the community, we'll happily welcome them! :-D 

Oh, certainly. But the username plus the unusual posting location (as in, the part of the forum chosen for the first post) plus the content of said post just kind of adds up to a sum of dodginess. But welcome to the forum in case you're not actually a spambot ;).

Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion on  my post.

Yeah, and the fact that jackpotts thanked you for speculating whether it's a spambot or not definitely makes my mind up on the matter.