Hi, everyone! Not sure if anyone had done this already, so I just made this thread for new guys like me to create an intro. Anyway, newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online gaming community. I'm hoping to have fun and learn more from the other members here. Cheers! :)

Welcome! :D


Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the club!  :grin:

Welcome. How goes it?

Hallo hallooo!

Greetings everyone. The Justifier’s house burned down this weekend, and I declare him to have died in the fire, as the Internet so frequently told him to do. From the ashes of this debatable “hero”, a ghost arises named The Lonely Man, and whether I am a less insufferable hero or a low-tier and somewhat comical supervillain (think the original Ambuscade, or perhaps Wager Master) remains to be seen.

As a shell of his former self, I shall endeavor to be less of a jerk than he was. I retain most of his opinions and some of his memories, but the loss of his mother, 99% of his possessions, and a great deal of faith in his antisocial worldview has inevitably ensured that I am, at least to some extent, a different person than 48 hours ago. I won’t be playing the app anymore, since I can’t afford to repurchase the expansions, so I won’t be weighing in on every Weekly, and rather than try to catch up with the podcast and give my dissection of each episode in a necropost after five months, I will probably start listening from the beginning and keep my criticisms to myself.

I hope to occasionally haunt these boards, and cause less of a disturbance by doing so than when I remained alive.

Welcome to the Forum, @LonelyMan.

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Oh dear… :flushed: Uh… Really?

Well, welcome to LonelyMan. I really hope the story isn’t true, though, as that sounds horrific. :worried: If it is… best wishes. :cry:


Yeah, yikes… sorry to hear all that, and I don’t really know what to say except to remember that you/Justifier are a member of this community and I hope that gives you some consolation or distraction if those things help.


It is true. Like Belkar in Order of the Stick, I wouldn’t be capable of making up something like this.