iOS randomizer that estimates difficulty

Since Daniel Lew's Sentinels randomizer is only available for androad, I've decided to make a randomizer for iOS.  You can get it here: (

The Randomizer uses a point based system to estimate difficulty levels. The system is similar to the SotM score system (, but uses a slightly different statistical model.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let me know.



Just to point this out - it looks like you used the art from my site (with >G's permission?  Not mine.) and not all of the art on my site is exactly like it is in the game.  For example, that Ra pic (as well as the Fanatic pic, though it's harder to tell) has a different font for the hero's name than is on the cards themselves.

Hmmm.  Spiff, I apologize for that.  I had assumed that your art had been taken directly from Greater than Games without modification.  Since the art is not fundamental to the functionality of the app, I will push an update that removes the use of your compilation of images.  

The Sentinels Sidekick app randomises too (and keeps track of HP and effects and stuff) and has official artwork. I highly recommend it if you have an iDevice. 

Just an FYI, the Android randomizer is using this Naive Bayes difficulty chart


that is updated periodiclly to predict the difficulty raiting. That list is based off the statistics project.


Welcome to the forums and thanks for contributing your project to the Multiverse!

I had this app and loved it. Yesterday my phone went bonkers and had to erase everything and reinstall all apps. I tried to download the sentinels randomizer from the App Store and it’s saying that it’s no longer available. I’ve been hitting the keep button hoping someone could help me out and reupload it. I’ve tried the other randomizer in the App Store and don’t care for it as much. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. 

Mine is web-based, not an app, but it's been updated much more recently and you can launch the video game from it.  It's in with the rest of the tools in my sig.

Thats good and all but IMHO i like the control of the game at my finger tips, it's easier to control. If I want to select a hero and an environment i can and select the difficulty and it will give me the win percentage with the other 2 heros and villan.