Is it just me, or does this recent Kickstarter seem a bit ... familiar ...?

Just happened across this on Kickstarter, and wondered if anyone else thought this was strangely similar to Fate of the Elder Gods...

Not identical but certainly on a first glance seems rather similar.  

Yeah I've seen it... :/

looks like a straight up copy to me. 

I imagine there’s not a lot one can do to flag something with Kickstarter?  :slightly_frowning_face:

It's disappointing, too, because I've liked what I've seen of their artists' ("Tentacles and Teeth") work in other places, kind of hoping he didn't realize that his work was going on someone's copycat product. :frowning:

I haven’t looked enough on the copy aspects, beyond the similar theme. But you could post on bgg if you think it’s really a copy.

To be clear, the theme alone is not enough to make it a copy.

I understand that, but just gauging on Paul's response, I have a feeling that it's not a huge step away from being a copy. Maybe I'll compare rulebooks later when I have time.

i guess the question I have is how close is it to being a rip off of fate and what happens if it is?

Game mechanics and theme are basically not protected legally, so unless they ripped off some of the artwork the recourse is basically publically shaming. (I think this is good: I don't want courts to be in the business of judging when designs are too close to each other.) But, you know, they're currently running a Kickstarter, so public shaming could be quite effective. (If it is a ripoff, again, I haven't looked enough to decide.)