Is there any interest in my Criminal Organization profiles?

I’ve got a campaign coming up set in a city of my own devising, Port Diable. In the run-up for the campaign, I’m writing up profiles for the various criminal and antagonistic factions that call the city home. Included is history, leadership, plans and info on the various leaders of each group, as well as the specific minion types I’ve built for each group. I read about and played various superhero MMOs, see (whoo Champions Online), and I really dug the sort of…hierarchy of the bad guy minion types. So I’ve tried to create a different feel for each group’s thugs. I’m still a little inexperienced with the system, though, so I’d love to hear what people think about my work as well. So how about it, everyone, want to hear about my bad guys?


This sounds like a good idea, go for it!

Would love to see what you’ve got (and maybe steal a bit for my own eventual home game!)