Janus, The Multiversal Maestro


Reality altering performance artist
The world of Dr. Janus Tzara, Multiversal Physicist, was one of routine, order, and peaceful, propserous life. It was hell for Janus, because it was also predictable, dull, uninteresting, and without an ounce of art. His only Solace was the vivacious and intriguing worlds he saw each night as he dreamed. Possessed by his desire, he worked feverishly to complete a devive that would allow him not only to see his dream worlds and prove them real, but to touch them as well. After years of trials, he managed to complete his device, and bring back an artifact of an alternate world. Giddy, he published his results, only to be accused of fraud and trickery as no one could replicate his results without him present. Shamed, stripped of his job and all that he held dear, Janus still dreamed of his fantastic worlds. Despondant, he reached, seeking the art that consoled him in distant worlds. Awakening to find himself holding two masks, tragedy and comedy, that he had touched just as his dream ended, Janus realized two things. First, that the power to touch other worlds had been his all along, and that he now had the power to truly create the art that his lifeless world desperately needed. Jubilant, he touched the power, let it flow into himself, and was irrevocably transformed. Month later, satisfied that his reality warping 'art' had sufficiently affected his world, that still had no hope of comprehending it, that he shouldn't just stop at just bringing his particular brand of art to just his own world. After all, the many worlds he had glimpsed were certainly interesting, but they weren't NEARLY interesting enough.
In Appearance, imagine a man wearing a mismatched costume, part of it is styled to look like a mime or a Mumenchause performer, the other a mishmash of colors and shapes, wild confusion, hair in an outrageous hairdo- preferably something bizarre and avant garde, perhaps one side is a series of spike with kinks in the middle to resemble lightning bolts, the other side puffed out to resemble a cloud. On his right shoulder (our left) the somber, black side of his clothes, he wears a Masque of Tragedy, on his right, the side of Color and Clash, the Masque of Comedy (Alternately, he may be holding these, and contemplating each in turn on his two flipped forms). If not holding his masks, in his right hand, he holds a dagger, in his left, a rose. His expression, as befits a dadist performer juxtaposed between comedy and tragedy, should be split between a laugh and a frown. Not too extreme, no Clown Smile (especially no Joker) here.
The Maestro literally sees himself as a hero, using his powers to warp and craft reality about himself to bring art and joy to the worlds he visits. He does not realize the destruction he brings or how he is viewed, because he has lost himself entirely to his art. If he realized how he was seen to the world, he might not even understand why he is viewed in such a manner.
Two sides- Dramatic and Comedic.
Starts Comedic.
Flips if the Two Masks icon on the first card he plays on the villain turn is different from the side he is currently on. There are roughly even amounts of Dramatic and Tragic masks in the deck. Since he starts Comedic, give one extra tragic mask for balance.
Comedic deals 3 targets 1 sonic damage. Advanced is +1 damage.
Dramatic deals 1 target H-1 toxic damage. Advanced is he prevents the first H-2 damage to himself each round.
2 Cards- False Billing- Ongoing- When this card enters play, Janus deals each hero target 1 Psychic damage. While this card is in play, Heros may only use the powers of the Hero to their left.
2 Cards- Changed Paradigm - Ongoing- When this card enters play, Janus regains 10HP. Whenever a player plays a hero card, it takes effect as if played by the player to the right, including ongoing and equipment cards being placed into their play area. When this card is destroyed, all Hero cards in play return to the hero they belong to.
3 Cards- Encore!-Ongoing- At the end of the villain turn, shuffle the villain trash and draw a card from it. Play that card.
"Despite that slamming me through three steel buildings, I kinda want to see it again." -Haka
2 Cards- Command Performance- One Shot- Reveal the next two cards of the villain deck. Switch the villain deck and the villain trash. Shuffle the new villain deck. Resolve the two revealed cards in the order they were revealed.
2 Cards- -Ongoing- When this card enters play, Heroes shuffle their discard and place it face down, and turn their hero deck face up. Heros now play their hero deck as their hero trash and their hero trash as their hero deck. (When all copies of this card leave play, heros flip their hero trash card face up, shuffle their hero deck, and place it face down.)
4- Poetry- One Shot- Deal each Non Villain Target 3 irreducible sonic damage and trash H-1 ongoing cards.
4- Doppleganger Flash Mob- 5 HP- At the end of the villain turn, Deals psychic damage equal to 1 + the number of flash mobs in play.
"I did not need to see Legacy in a Tutu"-Abs0 "I thought he looked quite bold, myself."- Haka
4- Glitter bombers - 3 HP- At the end of the villain turn, deal the hero target with the most equipment in play 3 radiant damage and bounce H-1 equipment cards to the top of their deck.
"*Hack Hack*... Great, now I'll never get this stuff out of the Micro-targeting computer."- Wraith.
1- The Masque of Comedy- 8HP- Relic- Increase damage dealt by villain targets by 2. Reduce Damage to the Masque of Comedy by 1.
If the Masque of Tragedy is in play, instead increase damage dealt by villain targets by 3.
1- The Masque of Tragedy- 8HP- Relic- Reduce damage to villain targets by 2. Deal the hero target with the lowest HP 2 points of toxic damage.
If the Masque of comedy is in play, instead deal 2 toxic damage to all non-villain targets.


Nice concept!

the story is an interesting one, and after reading through all the entries on here, it's good to see another truly unique idea (not that other people's ideas are bad, but when you're reading them all one after the other, it pays to be original.)

I like the key mechanic of playing as the people to your left and right. It's a really different idea, so kudos. Have you tried it at all? How does it work in practice?


good luck!


I haven't tried it in Cooperative play, but in single man beta tests, it can create for some interesting combos. Sometimes it really hurts the person, sometimes it helps them. I probably ought to clarify that for the 'Play cards as though played by the person to their right' means replacing the hero of the card with the hero to their right, so if AZ played Frost Bound Drain with that in play, and Ra was to his right, Ra would deal the ice and fire damage.

Likewise, Flesh of the Sun God renders Thermal transducer totally useless under my current understanding of how being immune to damage works.

It also does terrible mean no good things to Tachyon, since 0 is the number of burst cards in anyone else's hands.

Ah, the joys of screwing with card plays.