Landscape GM screen/art?

Also posted this on the Discord, but figured I’d ask here too. I just got a portrait style generic GM screen with slots for inserts. Has anyone made Sentinel Comic RPG landscape GM screen inserts? Or know of any landscape format Sentinels art for the player facing side?

A quick search turns up very little, but there is this:

and this from the same article:

Also worth checking youtube vids for header card images:

Maybe this:

And this:

You’ll have to print your own and probably resize-things to suit the screen, but hopefully some of them work for you. Better than shoving a bunch of cards from SotM in the slots, anyway.

And boy howdy, am I sick of looking at art of Marvel’s big purple robot bozos after that search.

Now, having at least partly answered that question, how about you answer mine from over here since you’re apparently playing the RPG? :slight_smile:

Handelabra had a whole series of desktop backgrounds that would work well for this. I can’t find where / how they were provided, though. :thinking: I’ll try to dig them up…

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That was fast, and a lot of good options, thank you! I’m happy to answer the questions on your other post; look for a reply shortly.

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I don’t see a gallery on their site offhand, but if you google “handelabra sentinels desktop wallpaper” the images tab will turn up some you can just copy an image address from. For ex:

Yeah, I couldn’t find the original source, so I collected the ones I have on my laptop. It’s probably not all of them (e.g., I don’t have Earth Prime’s), but it’s most of them.

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Ugh, those Handelabra ones are clearly just quick-and-dirty collages from the art they already had. But Rich’s are pretty good.


Great responses here! Especially that conversion of the current GM screen image from Powerhound. Thanks everyone.

Help with ID here for someone who hasn’t played the RPG:

Iron Curtain II, Myriad, and Re-Volt in front
Proletariat with sweet new jacket
Baron Blade & Apostate in back, mostly unchanged
Shiny face is Glamour? Is it Aminia Twain here or am I mixing up Vertex?
Bottom right corner, shiny blue domino mask - she’s not coming to mind…

Close. From left to right it’s:

Iron Curtain II, Myriad, Re-Volt, Proletariat, Aislin Allen!Glamour, Desert Eagle, Baron Blade, and Ermine


Desert Eagle, of course. Zooming in I see the glowing mask and the wings aren’t black.

That’s a new look for Ermine too.

Gotta say, not really a fan of the Heritage look since he lost the cape. I may just have to head to the Miststorm Universe to keep Paul Legacy and get Beacon.

You made me realize; is Wraith the only iconic cape-haver that still has theirs in the RPG thus far? As Argent, Vis, and Heritage all dropped having one.

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Thanks—I mixed up Miss Information and Glamour myself. They have really similar designs: mirrored masks, capes… The presence of a face on Miss I.'s mask and the yellow instead of silver in the color scheme are the only major differences.

Not a lot of capes in SotM. Biomancer also lost his. (Young) Legacy obviously barely got a costume change at all. I’m not even seeing any other characters who had capes in SotM and we’ve seen at all in SCRPG.

here is the Megalopolis city map from the Arcane Wonders board game