Lasers & Feelings RPG

Hey all. I recently stumbled across Lasers & Feelings, a free one-page science fiction space RPG system. It seems to give off some pretty strong Star Trek vibes to me.

The system seems pretty workable and simple — which one should expect from a one-page RPG, of course.

I was just wondering — has anyone on here ever heard of this, or had any experiences playing it?

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It’s been around for a while and hacked for a bunch of different genres/settings already. Seems to be pretty well-liked by (among other things) fans of Fate, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Masks, etc. Too light for my tastes to put much work into but I might use it for a one-shot someday.


I’ve run a fair few one-shots using it or its derivatives. I’ve found that its very good for either new players, or people who are only used to one system - it’s simple enough to grasp the rules quickly, but there’s just enough prompts to help give people structure.

I definitely recommend it, especially as something to have in your back pocket if a couple people can’t make your regular campaign. It’s not really built for long campaigns, but you probably could do it with a bit of effort.


Yeah, it definitely seems more one-shot or short arc material than for long campaigns. One-page RPGs are an interesting concept, as they have some pretty different design goals than standard systems (while still sharing some, of course).

I’ve run a few sessions of Love And Justice, the magical girl version. We had good fun with it - not that deep mechanically, but you get a few good people together to tell a story, you don’t always need that much crunch.

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