Legacy Game


My absolute favorite thing about Spirit Island is how well themes and mechanics mix. I recently played my first batch of legacy games and found them way more enjoyable then expected. It would be cool is there was some type of offshoot legacy game for spirit island. Maybe some similar aspects to creating your own spirit but with more directed “upgrades.” Anyways, pie in the sky dream, but would love to hear other people’s thoughts.

This probably isn’t the kind of thing you were looking for, and you might already know about it, but there is the Second Wave Scenario, introduced in the Branch & Claw expansion (which you might not have). It doesn’t have much “Spirit upgrades,” though.

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Yes, I have played Second Wave. I am thinking more like clank legacy where you permanently change you character over time, maybe have a unique island map with landmarks, etc getting added and side objects to complete during games. But I guess it would be weird since who would give the spirits side quests haha.