LEGO Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Videogame

This isn’t a fan concept for a LEGO Adaption Game based on Sentinels of the Multiverse (though that is on my backlog). It’s actually because I was playing LEGO DC Supervillains the other day and decided to use the character customizer to create Sentinels Characters. So, behold, Sentinels of the Multiverse Characters recreated in LEGO DC Supervillains! (I apologize for the poor quality, I had to take these on my phone).


Obviously you’ve got to start with Legacy.



And what’s Legacy without his greatest foe, Baron Blade!



Now for the rest of the Freedom Five:

The Wraith, who possibly has the most abilities of all the characters.





I couldn’t make the Bunker suit but I could make Tyler Vance. So I did. He doesn’t have many abilities but he does have a gun.



And rounding out the roster is the ice man himself, Absolute Zero:



Moving on to Dark Watch, I only made half of them because Setback, Nightmist, and Harpy are too complex to make in the character creator.


So first we have Expat packing her twin guns Pride and Predjudice. She can use them to shoot fire and lightning just like with her ammo cards.



Then we have Mr. Fixer who I had to call Mr. Fix in the game because Mr. Fixer contains a bad word or something. I don’t get it but such are the limitations of LEGO Games.



While we’re on the subject of Rook City, here’s Spite, who is way to dark to be in this game. Anyway, he has a lot of abilities like super strength and spraypainting stuff to destroy them. If I could I would have him spraypaint an image of his mask but unfortunately custom characters can only spraypaint Xes (on a similar topic, Baron Blade can also spraypaint things and if I could I would have him spraypaint the glorious crest of Mordengrad)



Mostly unrelated to the rest of these characters I made Visionary, who can shoot Pyschic beams from her forehead that destroy silver objects for some reason. Well, actually she shoots them from her eyes but it’s close enough to her forehead that you can imagine it.



Last but certainly not least, I wanted to create at least one of the Prime Wardens but that proved too hard so instead I made a Prime Wardens adjacent character: Sky-Scraper.



And that’s it. I could have created one more but I’m using that slot for a recreation of Robin from the 2003 Teen Titans show.


However, just because that’s it for showing off the custom characters, there’s a special bonus picture that I thought was hilarious. I give to you, Baron Blade riding a bike!


Alright, now that’s it. Adios and happy holidays.


Wow, that's really cool how you made them all look so acurate. Nice job, happy holidays.

That's really cool! :D Thanks for sharing! 

Ahaha I love these, they’re fantastic!

Accuracy, both looks and powers wise, was my main concern while making these, which is why I couldn't make any of the Prime Wardens. The best I could maybe do would be Captain Cosmic but even that one wasn't the greatest.


My favorites to make were defenitely Wraith and Baron Blade.

I actually did some similar to this, but since DC Supervillains holds my OCs, I did it in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2. I might add screenshots eventually, but for now, I made Legacy, Baron Blade, Expatriate, Chrono-Ranger (even though he was based off Time-Slinger, Chrono-Ranger is a way better name), Citizen Dawn, and K.N.Y.F.E… I’m working on Sergeant Steel (since Bigfigs aren’t in the character creator) and 2 are reserved, but for my last one I could do La Capitan or a suggestion.