Letters Page Villains for the SCRPG

So I just got through listening to episode 241 of the Letters Page podcast where they’re creating new villains for the Naturalist and Akash’Thriya. As usual, there’s no discussion of their potential usage in the RPG, just their role in the comics and an offhand mention that they might someday show up on a card in the card game.

I’m tired of that, and they accidentally created one baddie who’s close enough to a homebrew villain I’ve already done, so for anyone who wants a quick-and-dirty proxy writeup for the glorpy mass known as Sludgeon I refer you to Krude over on my blog. Swap out his background there for Sludgeon’s and you ought to be good to go. Even the physical description sounds similar, although you might want to swap out Krude’s signature vehicle upgrade for something else. Or not. Even that’s not too far off theme for Sludgeon.

Maybe I’ll get around to statting some of the other podcast villains over time - or you other folks could do so, eh?


Nobody else wants to play this game, eh? Well, this one’s only tangentially a podcast villain (he’s inspired by a rejected name for a Fashion villain) but I’ll link to his writeup on my blog anyway:

Sir Needler, An Extremely Bitter Tailor

You’d want to reskin his demonic patron into Gloomweaver for gaming in the actual Sentinel Comics setting, but that’s easy enough.