Lieutenant focused Villain

Legion and Overlord villains (and Dominion villains situationally) base status on minions. Would this strictly be minions only or minions and lieutenants?
My bad guy is the head mistress of a private finishing school for criminal young women with powers. Her, possibly her body guard and more than 1/2 dozen super teens is a standard encounter

Oh, that’s a great idea for a villain. :smiley:

I think their powers would only work with the minions but for the story they could easily have a lieutenant or two to help them out against the pesky heroes… :japanese_ogre:

(Love the idea, by the way. :wink: )

The thing to remember about Lieutenants is that they are MUCH harder to take down than minions, so you don’t want to do a 1-on-1 conversion. However the ‘Creator’ villain approach allows a villain to make a single lieutenant as an action, so you can, in fact, do it. Just be careful, D12 Lieutenants can be actually more troublesome to deal with than some villains depending on how they are built. (I built an adaptable Fragile villain that only had 10 HP+5 per PC, with four players that’s 30 HP vs, a d12 lieutenant, depending on how you roll, the Lieutenant could be harder to deal with)


I would use the standard 1/2H encounter design element for her girls
she would probably be “skilled” approach i was just thinking about an archetype that would reward her for her students and let her help them out

For those who liked the concept she is Mrs. Tearius her bodyguard chauffer is Mr. E and all the girls are addressed formally by last name
Ms. Isle - ranged attack
Ms. Take - jinx and thief
Ms. Step - running and trip based martial arts
Ms. Spell - magic

Mad scientist hired a disgraced high society matron to educated his tube grown clone super soldiers/assassins/harem
one dead mad scientist later she is educating them on how to be their own (criminal) people… persons?
If they want to be heroes they have their memories of where the school is wiped and sent on their way

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