Lieutenant Turns

Since I can’t seem to find it anywhere…during a turn do Lieutenants each get their own turn (like Heroes/Villains) or do they all go at the same time (like Minions) or do they go on the same turn as the Minions?

I wouldn’t group them with Minions, but they may group on their own.

Like, if I had a unique Lieutenant (e.g. if I was using Firearm in a scene) I would probably give him his own turn. However, from the example on page 207, a group of three tanks could roll as a group.

Edit - I mean, technically you could probably give each actor in a scene their own turn if you wanted. Grouping similar Minions/Lieutenants into a shared turn just makes things simpler to track.


Yeah, pretty much everything WalkingTarget said. :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face: