Links to Donner's Tactics Strategy Guides

Here you will find links to each of my guides.

General Strategies

Absolute Zero


Baron Blade



Citizen Dawn











Thanks for writing these guides

My pleasure!  Thanks for reading them!

Considering this links to guides for a now dead game, do we really need to have it pinned?

Last time I checked, my copy of Sentinel Tactics still worked.


Check again! All copies of Flame of Freedom secretly contained Disintegration Beams. Once we announced Prime War, they were activated and all copies of the game were rendered unplayable. What you think is a copy of Flame of Freedom is, in reality, a hologram.

Curse you, Baron Blade!!! 

Well that at least solved my scorpion problem


I checked again, and by all that is holy I wish I had not. From the outside, it looked like a standard Flame of Freedom box. And in fact, it felt like it. But it seemed heavier.. yet lighter.. at the same time. With some trepidation, I opened it.. to find it completely full to the brim with what appears to be purple jelly. Now I can't get the box closed and I'm hearing voices calling me to the Void. Help!

It’s a feature, not a bug =)

Unless you got the box that Nightmist stuffed Myriad into.

It’s still a valid point. Why pin a topic for a game which is not the ongoing hotness? We’re not pinning GSF topics even though (checks real quick) that one still exists too. 

It’s pinned in a subforum for Sentinel Tactics.   I’m not sure I see it as a valid point. 

And GSF's forum does in fact have two pinned topics.

Sorry, I thought we were talking about something pinned at the top.