Looking for ideas

Hey, I'm looking for a name for a character who fights with a cursed sword that slowly steals his life force to power itself up. Any ideas?

Hmm, is there a particular reason he uses the sword? I mean, is he cursed into having to use it, or does he wield it voluntarily because he likes the power it gives him even though it could slowly kill him (and then presumably need to find a new host)? A sword that drains the life of its wielder seems a little self-defeating, though I suppose if it's not a sentient artifact then that was just a trick put into it by someone who thought it'd be entertaining to have someone die by their own weapon :D.

Anyway, depending on why he uses this particular weapon, it could go toward determining his name.

he is using the weapon because it fused to him when he touched it and he can't let go of it and it wants to be used. not that it is truly sentient, its power just wants to be used. Also, he can slowly recuperate after using his sword if he doesn't use it for a while. Its just if he were to use it a lot for a long time that he would die.

So he has to do everything (except swording people ;)) one-handed? Must be a pain in the arse trying to do...well, most things, I suppose ;). Maybe he could chop his hand off and find someone with healing powers to regrow him a new one or something? Or get someone to uncurse the sword or find some way of breaking it? Anyway, sorry, you were asking about a name...hmm. I dunno, maybe something like "Lifetime", which covers the whole "life is being drained over time" thing. Or erm...Baneblade, erm...hmm, running short on ideas for the moment. Been a bit of a busy day - I'll see if I can have another go tomorrow :D.

I really like baneblade and think I will use that. Thanks a ton.

No worries. I feel like it's a name I've seen/heard somewhere else, maybe in another game. Not sure, though.

I'm catching up on the forum and if you're still thinking, what about "Siphon?"

That's good as well

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