Map Scenarios

We are working on crafting all-new scenarios for the four location maps we originally published for Tactics that use the Prime War rule set. However, since a few people have expressed a lot of interest in the old Tactics scenarios, here they are!

The scenarios themselves are attached below. Reference maps can be found here. (320 KB)

Can we share these files to places like Board Game Geek? Without any changes and with appropriate acknowledgement to Greater Than Games of course.

Also may I suggest a final update to the original Kickstarter to make customers there aware of fulfillment?

Absolutely! Please share them!

Thanks for the scenarios!  Could we get some clarification on the "as indicated" for token/miniature placement on the Wagner Mars Base and Freedom Tower maps?  My guess is that the objective markers go on the yellow shards on Freedom Tower, but I'm completely lost on the Mars Base.


Thanks for catching that! I've attached some reference maps that should explain the intent!

Awesome! Thank you!