Maps Challenge

I am giving all 4 maps to my kids for Christmas. I would like to include a scenario for each map. I would like to hear from you all about the scenarios you have run so I can use the best ones to include with the maps. So let's have them!

I wish I could help! So far all I've done on the maps (and not yet even on every map) is a skirmish.

The only thing I've done so far is a point control game on Wagner Mars Base, designed for 3v3 matches.

1.  Start with the two teams in opposite engine pods.

2.  Assign one team the color side of the scenario token, and the other team the gray side.

3.  Place a lava token in the middle hex of each of the three floors (no lava rules, just mark the hex).

3.  At the end of each player's turn, if they are within Radius 2 of the center of the floor they are on they may take an appropriate action from this list:

     A.  If no enemies are within radius 2 of the center of the same floor move the markers on that floor 1 to your team's color.

     B.  If there is an enemy within radius 2 of the center of the same floor roll X dice, where X = the number of Characters on your team - the number of Enemy Characters within radius 2 of the center of your floor + 1.  This can be 0 dice.  If you roll a 6 move markers on that floor 1 to your team's color

4.  All floors start neutral, when you get to "move the markers," place a scenario Token on the center tile your team's side up.  If that room already has a marker for your team add a second marker on top of the one there.  No more than 2 markers may be on a floor.  If an opposing marker is there remove it.

What that means:

Setback ends his turn within Radius 2 of the center of one of the floors.  He looks to see if any enemy characters are also within radius 2 of the center of that floor, if not he gets to place a marker for his team, or remove a marker for the other team.  If Enemy Baron Blade is also within Radius 2 of the center hex of that floor Setback must roll to see if he can move a marker.  (1v1 gives you a single die {1+1-1=1} for a %16 chance)

At the end of every round Each team gets a point for every floor of the MDP they control.  First team to the desired win number is victorious.  Five is a quick game, I prefer 7, which should take about 5 rounds.

For storyline I like to pretend something dangerous is on the MDP and the bad guys are trying to use it on Megalopolis, the good guys are trying to secure control of the MDP and stop the attack.


Thanks Phantaskippy. Still really interested in hearing what everyone else has done with the them. Even if it is just rules for a skirmish. 


You asked for it …


On Mars - Roll dice. Highest roll decides if they want to A) Go first or B) Choose which two rooms the teams will start in and then pick their starting location. Did this twice. In both cases, regardless of starting location, the fight became a scrum in the middle room.

In Dawn's Citadel - One team starts in the throne chamber. The other team starts in the main room. Roll dice. Higest roll decides if they want to A) Go first or B) Choose starting location. Did this once. One team had excellent ability to project damage across the board (it's all playtest stuff, so I can't explain) and exploited the ability to start far away in the main chamber to hand me a devastating 3-0 defeat in which I'm not sure I actually damaged any of his team.


Haven't yet played on the other two maps.

Thanks! In addition is there anything people have found to be important balancing play on the maps?

Try to roll 6s.

Scenarios? What an idea! Hmm...

Dinosaurs on Mars.