Mark all as read?

Something I miss from the old site was the ability to Mark all threads as read. Is that an option here that I have just missed?

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Dug into it a little, and it looks like there is! :slight_smile: If you go to the “Unread” view, there’s a Dismiss button at the bottom. If you hit that and do not check the box, it will just clear the unread items. :+1:t2: Hopefully that’s what you were looking for? :confused:

Where can I find the “unread” option normally? It disappears off the front page the second I read anything that is “New”, but still have topics that are unread.

Try this? :worried: Hopefully that works…

Aaaaah, I see the issue. The Unread option only shows up for topics that I have personally interacted with. Not for topics that I have never read. Which does fit a certain definition of “unread”, just not the one we previously had on the old forums.

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Topic revive because I’ve found a workaround. All the way at the bottom of each post (including this one), there is a pull down box marked “Watching” or “Normal”. If you click that, the last option is “Muted”, which hides it from Latest. It at least gives me the ability to say “Nope, don’t care about this part” at will.

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