Min/mid/max on one die react

i know there is an example in the book with Jen and Maggie rolling an extra die for a “hit the deck” twist but should we normally consider the single die rolled as a reaction as min, mid, and max?

My specific action sequence
Yellow- Strength in Victory
Red- Push your limits
Red- Reactive strike

being swarmed by minions while in the red zone
I get hit
react attack killing the minion
1damage react to heal based on min die
second minion attacks
1damage react kill minion
1damage react heal min die
third minion 2 damage kill and heal

relooking at my players character sheet Strength in Victory uses a different power/quality than Reactive Strike so it will not come up but it is still a legal combo so i will finish asking my question

For a Reaction, one single die is your ‘pool’. Therefore, consider that die your min, mid, and max all the same.

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Isn’t “Hit the Deck” stated as taking the Defend Action as a reaction though? I thought that would allow for a full die pool

It’s a defend action but, like all reactions, it only uses one die.

The comic panel examples on page 29 and 31 make that clear.

Huh, missed that. Feels a bit weird to me.

If you defended on your turn, you get a full pool, defend as a reaction against a single attack and you use a single die and take a twist? It really feels like they are discouraging defending as much as possible.

Defend on your turn? Time to prepare, set yourself up for success, full dice pool.

Defend as a reaction ability? You have some training, but you are still reacting in a split second, one die.

Defend as “Hit the deck”? No training, panicked emergency dive to avoid damage, one die plus a twist.

They encourage defense actions if you encourage yourself to make them, by choosing abilities that help you defend.


I get the logic you just laid out. I made a big topic on the question, because I think this gets pretty complicated pretty fast.

I agree with your breakdown in one sense, but defending on your turn is a terrible decision, and a few of the reaction abilities are very very powerful, while others are incredibly weak and situational.

Letting everyone easily defend (or heal) all the time means scenes will drag on and on with no characters ever going down.

Well i got the answer i thought sounded right and started another discussion
mission accomplished