Minion Maker - Power Up ability changed?


One of my players has made a minion maker and I was checking the character to make sure everything is correct. And I stumbled upon something.
They were building the character using the core book PDF from DriveThruRPG (last upload on June 7th 2022) and I was checking the character using the hardcover (printed in 2021, I believe). In the PDF on page 86, the “Power Up” green ability ends with:

However in the hardcover, it’s slightly different:

(Emphasis by me.)

Since the hardcover was printed before the last update of the PDF, the PDF would probably be more up to date. But I couldn’t find an errata or anything like that to confirm this or explain the difference. So I’m at a loss right now… Is the bonus supposed to be exclusive or not? And is there an explanation for the change anywhere?


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It’s P+E in the print book and that’s intentional. There were several mistakes in early versions of the text that left the “exclusive” off of abilities that should have had it. At this point there should be zero cases of either villains or heroes having abilities that generate a persistent mod that isn’t also exclusive. If you play a little bit with non-exclusive persistent mod generation you’ll see why in short order - they’re far too efficient without exclusive, and can really break the game badly. Minions are probably the safest spot to have them thanks to their short lifespans, but it’s still a massive benefit if they can stack persistent mods and use all of them.

The closest you get are a very small number of mod generators that last until the start of the user’s next turn, which is mechanically similar to persistent but with a clock attached to it.

The GM could still introduce persistent mods without exclusive through custom twists (often environmental) and challenges, for ex a timed “Fires Break Out” challenge applies a -2 persistent “Blinding Smoke” penalty that applies universally to actions in a scene if it triggers and the blaze really gets going, with no end condition beyond some creative Overcome to clear the smoke and belatedly douse the flames. I’d advise being pretty sparing with them, though, especially ones that don’t have an obvious way to end them.

Note that the print book didn’t catch all of that error either. Muse’s writeup on page 355 has “Twist Your Mind” as persistent but not exclusive, despite the Psychic archetype having corrected the original version (Telepathic Whammy) by adding exclusive. The RPG is overdue for a FAQ/errata document for this kind of stuff, although I’ve certainly seen much worse editing jobs.

That makes a lot of sense.

I’m still confused as to why the PDF doesn’t include it though… I would think that since the PDF can be updated much more easily than a printed book (and the version on DriveThruRPG is newer than my printed book), it would contain the “correct” version. Very odd.

In any case, we’ll add the exclusivety to that ability. Thanks!

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Someone at GTG just has to update the PDF that’s online. With everything else they have going on, that probably just fell off their radar. :confused:

I’ll send them an email asking about it. :+1:t2:


I’ll note the Unity character sheet released with the revamped Starter Kit stuff given to KS backers uses the wording described in the more current pdf and not the physical book

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That is odd.
It’s possible of course that she was built using the currently published PDF and someone just missed that. Or maybe there’s an actual reason why in this specific case it shouldn’t be exclusive… Though I fail to see, what that reason could be.