Missing cards, Clubhouse expansion.

Hi, I am a executive backer for the upcoming Clubhouse expansion.

A few weeks ago I received the first batch but it did not come with the two promo packs. 

I contacted the creators on kickstarter twice already, but they have not replyed nor is there any interaction on the kickstarter comment page.

I thought I would try over here :). Is there anybody who can help me or give me some information?


I managed to catch some of Craig's time at PAX this weekend and talked to him about stuff like this (admittedly biased, because I had my own shipment issues being met with silence and wanted to see what's up), and he was extremely transparent about what was going on. Hope he doesn't mind me putting words in his mouth, but here goes:

Long story short, GTG has been real busy the few months or so (going from planning for one big convention right into the next, shipping kickstarter orders for the hero foil packs and part of the Clubhouse kickstarter) that a big backlog of emails and what have you has built up. While they're trying to get through these as quickly as possible between everything else, it's been slow going, and some people are being met with slow responses. However, the response I got from Craig was to the effect that there shouldn't be any more con preperation for a while and when he gets back, his priority is to work through the backlog.

I know the silence sucks, but give them a couple more weeks to work things out. If not, just give them another friendly poke. Craig's a good guy, and I'm sure he can clarify anything and help with your issues.


(To answer your actual question about the promos, the promo packs might only be shipping when they get to the Clubhouse deliverables; depending on their quantity, they may have had to reprint them first.)

@GtG: is it possible for you to turn on automatic replies for emails when you know you're going to be too busy to respond to them?  Seems like that would save your customers from wondering whether there's anyone home when they try to contact you and you don't acknowlege you even received the message for weeks at a time.

Alright, thanks for the response.

I guess I'll be patient and hope for the best. (and do some friendly poking)


You could also try e-mailing them at contact@greaterthangames.com; that's the canonical way to reach them.