Modular Archetype Question

  1. For the Switch green ability, you essentially get the boost and then change forms, is that right? The boost is not in conjunction with the new form but rather precedes it?

  2. Can you have more than two modes?

  3. What is a green mode and a green form? Does that just mean the green abilities for a specific mode or form?

yes, you would get your boost and then switch modes
you will have more than one mode but you can only be in one mode at a time
you have a default green mode with no special effects
1 other green mode from the list of 3
2 yellow modes from the list of 5
1 red mode from the list of 3
The Form Changer’s forms and the Modular’s modes basically work the same it changes up your power dice in a way described in the archetype rules and gives you an ability only usable when that option is “on”