More random charts: Aliens and their motivations

I’m not usually a big fan of the “Random Chart of Randomness” craze that dominates some corners of the OSR and indie RPG scene, but every now and then I see one that catches my attention instead of being yet another “Contents of NPC Pockets” rehash. The News Headlines For River City 1949 chart here is one of those rare exceptions. Heck of a fine inspiration for what’s going on in your campaign city when you find yourself stuck for ideas. Well worth a look.

Despite the name, it would only require a few minor changes to fit in any time period, so handy outside of Golden Age too.


Same blog’s got a new post up and it’s a doozy. Whole slew of random charts for determining what the aliens are up to in your supers game, who they are, what kind of servants and allies they have, and where their main base is hidden. Pretty cool inspiration source.