Mountainous Carapace damage on destruction

I'm sure the answer to this is very obvious, but this situation led to some headscratching in a game last night:

When Akash'Bhuta's Mountainous Carapace is destroyed, does it do the full 11 damage (if I'm remembering the HP right) or does the DR it provides survive long enough to reduce the damage to Akash'Bhuta to 10?  Assume she only has one Mountainous Carapace in play. 

Since the damage triggers on the destruction of the Carapace, it would follow that the Carapace is no longer there to provide the damage reduction. 


At least, that's how I view it. 

Since cards are still in play while it perfomrs its destruction text, Akash'Bhuta would still have a DR1 when the Carapace is destroyed.

I've always played it that she takes the full 11, not 10. But after reading Ronway's post.... his way seems to make more sense technical-rules-wise. Thematically, though, isn't it like hitting a part of Akash so much that her skin blows off? Such that the damage is coming form it being blown off, and the carapace can't really protect akash from anything if it is the thing getting destroyed...

I've always played it that the card is destroyed and so she hits herself for the full damage at that point...but thinking about it, isn't a destroyed Explosives Wagon buffed by itself when it blows up? If it is, then Akash'Bhuta still has soak when hitting herself on having a Carapace destroyed.

Yes, sadly, Ronway is right.

Well that shows how much I know, hahaha. 

Ronway brings home the bacon!

And by home, I mean the forum.

And by bacon, I mean correct ruling.

And now I want bacon. Dammit, Ronway. Somehow, this is your fault.

Woo! My Bacon Craving Ray was a huge success! Err… I mean… You read nothing!

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I think I just got memed.


mmmm... bacon


Great, (<--sarcasm) I have a solitaire game vs Akash'Bhuta set up in the other room. stupid carapace.  *sigh*

just played the next round. Anyone want to guess what card came out of Akash'Bhuta's deck?


I'm guessing either Rejuvenating Entropy, restoring all those bloody Carapaces to full health, or Primeval Eruption, which put out some more Carapaces for you ;).

I wish. Hmm…

One Hero Target regains 3 HP.

This card should be added to every Hero deck.

Unfortunately, this was closer to the truth. However, Legacy, Bunker, Tempest, and Expatriette pulled it out with around a dozen HP left between the four of them. Mostly because of a well-timed Unload card.

How about:



Remove your Hero deck and character card from the current game.

You win.

I challenge anyone to read only the Christopher post and after. Try to guess what anyone’s talking about.