My Villains!

I figure since it is roughly an hour and a half before the contest closes it's fairly safe to put my ideas on here!

I think my strongest entry is The Entity. It is just a lot more fleshed out than Jarl is, which is sad because I spent so much more time thinking about Jarl than I did Entity, but I had the gameplay elements and back story for the Entity for awhile.

The Entity.docx (17.9 KB)

President Jarl.docx (16.4 KB)

So, first, The Entity is cool, but what I love more is the scenario you presented. The idea of all the heroes and villains working together is just an interesting concept, though obviously it couldn't come out in the gameplay much, I think. But I do like the idea. Some of it was a little confusing at first, but I think I saw the general idea behind the gameplay. I love the idea of massive villains who completely intimidate the heroes.

President Jarl, though, was a little vague, and I didn't quite understand the idea behind the whole "distracted" thing. I feel like it'd be hard to spin a story where the villain is half trying to be peaceful, but still an interesting idea.

Yeah I had a lot of trouble writing Jarl, but I just couldn't get a solid idea of him beyond his concept. I have a soft spot for villains with sympathetic roots (Mr. Freeze is in my Top 5 favorite villains of all time because of his backstory) and I liked the idea of a an alien leader come to Earth and destroy not out of spite or malice, but simply because his people need a place to survive and he recognizes that the planet could not possibly support two major species.

The Entity was fun for me because I had just finished watching the JLU episode where Darksied comes back and Luthor and the JLA teamed up to stop him. Their was a really cool scene with Batman and Luthor back to back and I was thinking "How cool would it be to see something similar, but with Sentinals characters?" That's when I started coming up with the quotes, my personal favorite being the Bunker/Omnitron one. I actually started thinking about it before the villain contest started, so when it was announced I really started thinking about it a little more. I thought the idea of having a creature who could warp reality by simply being awake was really cool, so I created one that existed out side of our realty and did a bit of a spin on the whole Old Gods thing.

More docx files..... Maybe I should just install a viewer (but I'm really far to lazy to do so....)

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use OpenOffice. It's free and safe.

I'm not an idiot.  I know what's out there, and what I can use.  And, I'd much prefer Libre Office over (the former doesn't leave you with that awful Oracle aftertaste, heheh). And, barring that, there is the free download from Microsoft called Word Viewer.  And, assuming docx instead of just doc, that is an OpenOffice XML document packaged in a zip container, which, if you know what you are reading, can simply be unzipped and read in Notepad (or your favirote XML editor).  I'm just far too lazy to do any of that.

Never said you were an idiot, just suggestions. I'm not too savy with file formating, I'll admit. I usually need some extra help when converting. If you'd like to read mine, I'd be willing to copy and paste the whole thing into a PM and send it your way. Less work for you.

Nice concepts, both.

Coming up with deck mechanics to simulate your ideas might be tricky though. The best part of The Entity is that the heroes and villains work together, but there's no real way to simulate that.
Similarly, Jarl is a good concept, but mechanics would be difficult to work out. The idea of the heroes using stealth to infiltrate the ship is awesome, but how can you do that with the existing decks?

I think you and I where operating from a similar 'emotional' core for our villains, which is funny since you responded to my teaser of a pacifist villain. What is interesting is that my first idea that never made the cut was gonna involve having heroes make tough choices, and I think President Jarl could be all about those things. "You have the lowest hp... would you rather take H damage or have all of your friends take 2 damage?". The idea is that some "tough" choices could hurt Jarl or destroy things he depends on (like enviroment cards he is leaching power from). Ultimately his desire to negotiate and engage intellectually would be his downfall.


As for The Entity... it is outright apocalyptic. Maybe it could come with some "hero" cards based on the least nihilistic villains who deal a LOT of damage to The Entity but sometimes hurt your cards AND require that you redirect some damage from them to your heroes to keep them in play. "Legacy, I know you dont want to but protect Plague Rat while he attacks the entity!" "but he keeps attacking me too... ".

Reading Entity, I was thinking that it could be fun to have its "villain deck" be in fact full of cards showing the "helpful" villains and their actions against Entity. The design would be :  a powerfull villain card, autosufficient, on one side, and on the other, a "villain deck" full of cards damaging/reducing/limiting the power of the villain card - but with also negative effects on the heroes ("damage X to Entity, Y to all heroes", "all damage dealt to Entity /the heroes are +1", etc). Or even very negative one, like Baron Blade trying to use his lunar beam to drop the moon on Entity :slight_smile: So the idea would be to manage the "helpul ennemies", like you sometime manage to use environment cards to help you rather than hurt you…

With the heroes teaming up witht he villains two take down Entitiy was more of a fun scenario I was thinking of rather than actually have them fight together, but it wouldn't be that hard to put a concept of them in the villain deck, or even have a seprate deck that has a version of the villains that you can draw from on certain occasions.