Nar Shun and Anomaly

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Here are my villian submissions. I've read through most of the other villains on here. You guys came up with some great ideas, both thematic and mechanic. My guys are a bit traditional, mechanically. Both were play tested a couple of times before I made the final revisions on them. They worked out pretty well, unique enough to be different from existing villians but similiar enough to avoid making the mechanics too wordy or complex. Feel free to comment on htem, good or bad. I do well with constructive critisism.



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Nice concepts!

I love the story of Nar Shun - different to everything else here, and a good source of motivation for the villain. His deck seems pretty good too, quite thematic and consistent with your villain back story. The alternate win condition of getting through the hero deck is nice, too. You said you play tested - did his hp seem right? 80 hp is quite a lot, and with many of his cards increasing his draw or adding extra cards to his discard, it seems like he'd get through the 25 (24, once trident is removed) cards in his deck fairly quickly.
Anomaly has some really interesting mechanics that come out from his alternate incapacitate ability, lots and lots of card draws and discards, seems pretty fun. Could potentially totally hose some equipment dependent heroes, as well as heroes who draw a lot of cards - tachyon, bunker and Haka would all be weaker, 'cause they potentially could never get their big stuff out in time. That said, I really like it.
How does your alternate incapacitate ability interact with the normal trash shuffling rule? Normally, if the deck is empty and you need to draw a card, then you shuffle the trash and start over. So with Anomaly, if the deck is empty at the START of your turn, you go through your turn, shuffle the trash when you get to your draw phase, and then at end of turn, your deckhas cards in it again, so you don't die. A second option is what if your deck has 2 cards left in it, and Anomaly plays the 8 damage card on you. Can you discard 2 cards, shuffle your trash, and then discard another 2 cards? 
Thinking about it, the only way this alternate incapacitate could actually happen as written is if you have one card in your deck at the start of your turn, and then draw the last card in your draw phase. This could also be easily averted though - either skip your power and play phase so you draw 2 cards (necessitating a shuffle), or just skip your draw phase every turn until Anomaly forces you to trash that last card.
I like your mechanics - they're a natural extension of the systems already in the game.
Good luck!

Thanks for the input!


Nar Shun was actually a bit too easy when we first played him. The first few times we play tested, three heroes were able to take him out well before half of his deck had been cycled through. I added a few extra ways for him to accelerate his card draw. In the end, I kept his HPs at 80 and upped his defensive ability through his relic healing. 80 Hps seemed like a lot to me too, butt his relics tend to go down really fast leaving him pretty defenseless. Thats why I added some relic recursion and acceleration of card draw for him.


Anomaly's alternative incapacity ability is based on the assumption that heroes can not reshuffle their draw piles. I must have made some major error there, because we have always played that heroes could not reshuffle their draw pile. OOOPS! The concept still works, but he'd need to be reworded to trigger when a hero first gets decked. The basic mechanic behind him is a classic mill style deck, destroying a player's resoursces before they even hit the table. The one character that really has problems with him is Tachyon, but the other heroes that rely on extra draws need to be careful and weigh the pros on cons of drawing that extra card. Anomaly was designed before I had Infernal Relics, so when we actually played him with Nightmist there was some interesting interactions between their decks. It actually worked out very thematic, with Anomaly destroying the hero's time lines and Nightmist trying to repair them with her time related spells.


Thanks again for taking the time to read through my card ideas! There were so many great villains posted! It just shows how passionate the fans are for this game.. and this contest shows that Greater Than Games really cares about their fan base.