Nature Incarnate is in the wild!

I just received my copy today, totally unexpected!

Sadly, we now have to revisit our custom one-box storage solution… :laughing:


Yeah, I’m not looking forward to trying to figure out how to fit it all in my BT crate… :pleading_face:

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Got mine earlier this week.

Storage is hell. D:

I had to put half the spirit boards in my B&C box. :frowning:

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Mine just showed up today! Looking forward to all the new concepts.

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According to the Backerkit page, my copy of Nature Incarnate has been shipped on the 6th of August. Is there any way to figure out the tracking code, so that I can see where my order of this game expansion is currently?

On the page saying it shipped you should be able to click on “View Order” and on the order page it lists a ship date and tracking number. Screenshots below cropping out my info



Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn’t show anything except for this page, without any link to click for a tracking number:

Then I’d suggest sending a message to as it would appear it hasn’t shipped.


It turns out that GreaterThanGames messed up, not getting their import tax paperwork for shipping the game expansion to Europe sorted out before trying to ship it from China to Europe. Unfortunately, it’s now 5 months later and I still haven’t received the Nature Incarnate expansion. Even worse, there hasn’t been a status update on the shipping of the expansion for several months either… To say that I am disappointed is an understatement!

I would recommend EMailing

Edit: And I just saw that Powerhound gave the same advice above. Apologies for the redundancy.


Unfortunately, emailing them brings nothing new either: The latest news was that the container with the expansion “has been scheduled” to be shipped to Europe, and that the VAT paperwork was dealt with. They also posted on the Backerkit forum:“This will be our last BackerKit update for Nature Incarnate, since fulfillment is done, other than in the EU. All future communication with EU backers will be done via email, so as not to spam those outside the region”.

So that will likely mean no news for quite some time, until that container finally ends up in Poland and they can start sending the game to EU backers… Disappointing!

I just received this message today:
"Shipping to expect some delays

Welcome back, Nature Incarnate Backers. Thank you for joining us here as we give you further updates regarding the international shipment process for Nature Incarnate. We wanted to update you as we’ve received news about the cargo container and where it is. Unfortunately, again, it has been delayed and won’t reach Poland until the end of March. This may be slightly confusing as in our previous update we mentioned it would reach Poland “by the end of March.” So, while that is still true, we had been expecting the process of shipping Nature Incarnate to you to begin by the end of March, which would require the cargo container to arrive weeks before that. What does this mean for you and your fulfillment? We’re expecting a delay of at least two more weeks before distribution can occur. This means you likely will not receive your games until late April. We hope that customs and the last leg of the journey will be as quick and painless as possible and that you will receive your games sooner rather than later. As soon as we have any further information, we will update you again. This is not a last call for address changes. We will reach out again to finalize your info once the container actually reaches Poland. We will then offer one final week to make changes. If you need to update your address, or you have an atypical situation that requires advice, please reach out to for more information. As mentioned last update, please do not update your addresses via BackerKit. Address changes should only be made by emailing us! Thank you. We look forward to you enjoying your expansion soon.

-FRG & GTG Team"

So even more delays for EU backers of this expansion…