Nature Incarnate is in the wild!

I just received my copy today, totally unexpected!

Sadly, we now have to revisit our custom one-box storage solution… :laughing:


Yeah, I’m not looking forward to trying to figure out how to fit it all in my BT crate… :pleading_face:

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Got mine earlier this week.

Storage is hell. D:

I had to put half the spirit boards in my B&C box. :frowning:

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Mine just showed up today! Looking forward to all the new concepts.

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According to the Backerkit page, my copy of Nature Incarnate has been shipped on the 6th of August. Is there any way to figure out the tracking code, so that I can see where my order of this game expansion is currently?

On the page saying it shipped you should be able to click on “View Order” and on the order page it lists a ship date and tracking number. Screenshots below cropping out my info



Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn’t show anything except for this page, without any link to click for a tracking number:

Then I’d suggest sending a message to as it would appear it hasn’t shipped.