Need a bit of help for upcoming mystery

Ran my first game last weekend. After this weekend’s fight there will be some mystery to solve next week. I am not sure of all the options the bad guy could have done.
The set up-
A semi tractor trailer crashed through a cemetery gate
Horde of zombies swarming through the cemetery towards a gated private family plot in the corner of the cemetery (and that family having a private ceremony)
?! the zombies are not coming out of the dirt but the back of the trailer
?! the family having the funeral are “respectable businessmen” of Italian extraction.
The Story-
A necromancer crime lord is trying to kill the local mob’s Old Don as he is burying the last of his siblings.
Necro crime lord calls himself Mr. Medium.
Mr. Medium tried to enchant the graves the night before so they would attack during the funeral. Unfortunately the cemetery is blessed sacred ground and he can not do anything there. ( the Old Don’s wife is Strega an Italian witchcraft tradition, she can’t throw fireballs or turn people into toads but protective wards on her family holdings is her specialty)

So, already committed Mr. Medium sends his followers to steal bodies from local morgues ( clue about “fraternity prank” at medical school already dropped)
what are some other clues or evidence for how this guy got piles of dead bodies in under 18hrs?
Mr. Medium’s day job is a lawyer dealing with estates / inheritance. He stole a book of spells from the belongings of a sinister old man who died with no known family or friends.
He has a lot of hard to trace money stolen from the dead. (Grandma had a cookie jar up in the attic with almost 3,000$ her kids never knew and never will know. Husband had a secret bank account his wife never knew about but Mr. Medium learns the account number and PIN from his ghost.)
Also Mr. Medium has his “skeletons in the closet” people whose crimes he has learned about and black mails with magic talking bones threatening to expose their crimes.
He also controls a wannabe coven of goth girl college students called the B/Witches. When you can summon spirits manipulating someone playing with a spirit board is easy.

long term story Mr. Medium will have lost influence/resources and not be able to act again right away. The main plot point is the shift in the balance of power. Super villains who had stayed bellow the radar will act openly since The Mob has shown vulnerability

I will probably post about first game and the mob family tomorrow

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Well first and foremost is any signs of forensic work on the corpses left behind, and man is that sentence gonna get me on an algorithm somewhere. A step up from that is they notice one of the corpses still has his work Id badge from a morgue (guy killed in the body raid and taken since he’s now dead).

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There is a reanimated morgue tech in the back of the truck stitching together more zombies (Lieutenant with minion making action)
And the new zombies are naked since bodies are not clothed at the morgue

any other ideas on plots or resources he might have?

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