Neoprene playmat easter egg

In a recent Letters Page episode Christopher and Adam mention that there is an easter egg hidden on the GSF playmat. Could someone who owns the mat go over the art a second time to look for clues? I hope for GSF / SoTM crossover history but just GSF lore would be cool too.


yeah, I’m super intrigued by this c.c

Unfortunately, I got rid of mine a few years ago. :frowning: And there aren’t any hi-res images online that I can find. I’m checking with @arenson9 to see if he has one, though.

Sorry, folks. I don’t remember ever having one. Given my memory, I went looking around just in case, but did not find anything.


No worries. Thanks for checking! :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of writing in an “alien” alphabet that’s decipherable. There’s a few ominous warnings (fitting for the plot of GSF and outside threats that the players must band together to defeat) and a small puzzle/trivia thing. Learning how to read it is the main trick.


Seeing this topic reminds me that I found a sealed GSF playmat back in March and promptly forgot about it. I need to get that out.


Actually, on the Play Greater podcast with Christopher and Paul they have commented that “someone” has been given the lore document prize I just do not want to make them feel obligated to share or like they have to hurry.


I have not received any such document as of yet. I’m not being pushy about it.

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