New Archetypes / Power Sources / etc


A while back, someone posted a homebrew Archetype, and it was suggested that the mods preferred those not be put in this forum. They also said they were going to check on whether it was okay or not, and get back to us.

I haven’t heard anything, and I’m wondering whether there’s been a formal decision made? I’ve been noodling around with some things, and I’d rather post them here than the Discord; it moves too fast and things get lost almost immediately.

You can post it on the Reddit for something a little more persistent, or I suppose the RPG Geek page.

But yeah, they frown on homebrew here for legal reasons—if they ever decide to publish something that looks like what you shared here, it looks dodgy.

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The GTG folks are working on a solution for us here on the forums. Not sure how long it’ll be, but something is coming. :+1: